Chinese Music Ceremony "Beautiful Xinjiang" Five Colors Wind Orchestra
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"Why Are Flowers So Red" is a song written by Lei Zhenbang and sung by Yu Shurong and Li Shirong. It is also an episode of the movie "Visitors on the Iceberg", released in 1963.

"Almuhan", also translated "Almuhan" or "Almuhan", is a Uyghur duo song and dance song circulating in the Turpan region of Xinjiang, and it is also a famous Uyghur folk song in China.

"Raise Your Hijab" was adapted by Mr. Wang Luobin based on the Uyghur folk song "Aria" (also said to be the Uzbek folk song "Karakasi Ukaim") collected in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province. The children of Qinghai Children's Anti-Japanese War Theater performed on stage in the form of group dance.

Involving musical instruments

Hand drum (pinyin: shǒu gǔ) is a mixed-membrane sounding instrument of the Uyghur and Uzbeks. It has a long history and has long appeared in Dunhuang and Northern Wei murals from the fourth to sixth centuries. popular in Xinjiang.
Sabayi (pinyin: Sà bā yī) is a percussion instrument of Uyghur, Uzbek and other ethnic groups, popular in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Often used for singing and dancing accompaniment, it is not only an important rhythm instrument, but also a prop for male dancers. In the folk, most of Sabay sings "Mexilep" accompaniment, adding a warm atmosphere.
Rewapu (pinyin: rè wǎ pǔ) is a stringed instrument played by the Uyghur and Uzbeks. The popular Kashgar Rewapu has a total length of 130 cm. Rewapu originated in Kashgar, southern Xinjiang. It is not only a favorite musical instrument of the Uyghurs, but also a plucked musical instrument favored by ethnic minorities such as the Tajiks and Uzbeks.
Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

Involving news

Organized by 肖毅 on 2023-09-06
Recently, the fourth performance of the 2023 music season of Zhuhai National Orchestra - "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" He Zhanhao's works concert came to an end at Chongqing Shi Guangnan Grand Theatre. This is also the first time that the Zhuhai National Orchestra has performed in Chongqing since its establishment.
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Organized by 晚荣 on 2023-08-28
In the live broadcast room, various folk music performances such as guzheng, guqin, pipa, erhu, yangqin, suona... are either melodious or passionate. More and more folk music performers are choosing online platforms to perform, which is a new way of dissemination that brings traditional folk music closer to the public and attracts more young people.
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Organized by 碍与暧 on 2023-07-19
"The music of different peoples has different ways of expression. We can look at all types of music as a language system, and Chinese folk music is one of the dialects." Wu Man, an American pipa player and a distinguished professor at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, said.
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Organized by 小何 on 2023-07-15
Dulcimer ding dong, zither melodious, pipa crisp, Erhu graceful, dizi ethereal... What will be the "chemical reaction" when these folk instruments meet the "robot cat"? Recently, the Sujin second Community activity room of Sujin Street, Gusu District, the community folk orchestra performed the folk music version of "Doraemon" for the children during the summer vacation, so that the children can feel the charm of national instruments.
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Organized by 爱在西元 on 2023-07-05
Huzhou Normal University has recently successfully restored the first batch of Ming Dynasty "Wei Shi Music" instruments in China. This achievement was jointly completed by the School of Music of Huzhou Normal University, Huzhou Key Laboratory of Sound Resource Data Mining and Intelligent Service Technology and Fuqing Shande Ming Dynasty Weishi Music Score Culture Research and Exchange Center.
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