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Rewap Rewapu (pinyin: rè wǎ pǔ) is a stringed instrument played by the Uyghur and Uzbeks. The popular Kashgar Rewapu has a total length of 130 cm. Rewapu originated in Kashgar, southern Xinjiang. It is not only a favorite musical instrument of the Uyghurs, but also a plucked musical instrument favored by ethnic minorities such as the Tajiks and Uzbeks.

Rewap's famous songs include "Limpat", "Yaru", "Guntpayi", "Tashwai", "My Rewap" and "Shadiyana".

On happy festivals, people play their favorite Rewafu. The Tajiks in Xinjiang call Rewafu "Rebub", which is the most common stringed instrument used by the Tajik people.

Rewafu is not only a plucked musical instrument favored by ethnic minorities, but also a refined pure handicraft. The smart Uyghur folk artists only slightly reduced the size of the rewafu under the condition of the same production process. ,) is a good product for home viewing, friends' gifts and collections.
  • Chinese name:Chinese name
  • nickname:Rewab, Lavapo, Labab
  • popular area:Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  • Attributes:stringed instruments

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