Chinese Music Spring and Autumn "Happiness Canal" Wang Huiran Liuqin Performance

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It has been less than half a century since the birth of modern liuqin in the late 1950s. As the first four-stringed liuqin piece, "Xingfuqu" is of great significance to the development of liuqin art.

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Wang Huiran, (1936-), Zhenhai, Zhejiang. Famous Chinese folk musician, liuqin, pipa player, composer.
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Liuqin (pinyin: Liǔ Qín) is a plucked stringed instrument originated in the Qing Dynasty. The earliest Liuqin has a very simple structure and a very folk-like appearance. Now popular all over the country. It is one of the pear-shaped speakers and stringed instruments that have been circulating among the people since the Tang Dynasty. Its shape, structure and playing method are similar to those of the pipa.

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"Capriccio in Northern Shaanxi" is a representative work of liuqin. It shows the national customs and culture of northern Shaanxi, as well as the colorful performance skills and expressive power of liuqin.
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Where is Liuqin Opera? Where did Liuqin Opera originate?
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How does Liuqin press the strings with her left hand, and what is the correct posture?
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What is the difference between Yueqin and Liuqin? Is there a big difference?
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What are the ancient poems that describe Liuqin? The following is for everyone to share. ​
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