Di Linzhongruan Concerto "Freedom"

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Di Lin Zhongruan Concerto "Freedom" comes from the album "Music: Zhongruan - Di Lin".

Composer: Li Yuejin

Played by: Di Lin

Piano Accompaniment: Li Yuejin

Introduction to the music: Freedom, take its three realms. "The flower of freedom is as light as a dream, and the boundless rain is as fine as sorrow"; "Inside and outside and in the middle, there is no obstacle. Therefore, in the sun, it is free to speak to the king"; "Precepts are free, magical powers are free; wisdom is free, wisdom is free. ". Zhongruan's concerto "Zi Zai" was created in September 2017. The author uses Zhongruan's mellow and gentle tone to express his yearning for an ideal state of mind: to be unrestrained at the fingertips, and to see everything in the world indifferent.

Involving the artist

Di Lin, Master, Ruan Professional Young Teacher of Central Conservatory of Music, Young Ruan Performer.
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Involving musical instruments

Zhongruan (pinyin: zhōng ruǎn) is a national plucked musical instrument with a long history in China. It is a traditional plucked musical instrument of the Chinese nation. Because of the mellow, rich tone and wide range of sound, Ruan has become the main instrument in solo, ensemble, and duet in ancient times; in modern times, Ruan can play a powerful role in the orchestra, and Da Ruan and Zhong Ruan are mainly used in national orchestras.

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Art is a way to accompany people's life, to change people's understanding of life, and to obtain permanent spiritual enjoyment. Zhongruan art is a noble art that should be contacted and cultivated from an early age. First of all, we have to cultivate Zhongruan's sensibility. What are some ways to cultivate Zhongruan's sensibility?
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