【High-pitched Sheng】Dislocation of time and space
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The meaning of the song "Displaced Time and Space" is the secret love between the male and female protagonists. There is enough love, but not enough conditions. In the end, it can only be pinned on a gust of wind, just like hugging each other. It's not that the hero is not good enough, or that the heroine doesn't exist. It's just that both sides went their separate ways. Maybe the scenery is similar, but the time and space are not unified. It can also be understood that I blew the night wind you blew, walked the road you walked, and saw the scenery you saw. Maybe you will never know who I am, and I will never meet you, but I know that we exist under the same sky.

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High-pitched sheng (pinyin: gāo yīn shēng), a type of modern sheng, has a wide range and complete semitones, suitable for ensembles.

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Organized by 雾凇 on 2022-02-21
The high-pitched sheng is a kind of modern sheng, with a wide range and complete semitones, which is suitable for ensemble.
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