Gaoyinsheng overview


High-pitched sheng (pinyin: gāo yīn shēng), a type of modern sheng, has a wide range and complete semitones, suitable for ensembles.

The whole high-pitched sheng is a sheng with keyed shengmiao installed, which is composed of a sheng bucket, a sheng miao, a sheng hoop, a sheng rack, a sound key, a loudspeaker tube, a mouthpiece and other components. The end of the shengmiao, the sheng feet, are inserted into the sheng bucket, and the reeds glued to the sheng feet are used to resonate with the loudspeaker tube to make sounds. The key sheng adopts the key air-holding design, that is, the key must be pressed to make a sound.

The high-pitched sheng has a more beautiful sound and is suitable for playing harmony, so it plays an important role in the Chinese orchestra.

  • type:wind instrument
  • Pinyin:gāo yīn shēng

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