Pan flute and flute playing "Never Fall."

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Pan flute and flute play "Never Fall" from the album "Flute Music".

Toh Cong and Dai Ya's flute

The first performance of the traditional flute and pan flute performance of the world's top composers in China, Germany, Japan, France, Greece, Norway and other best-selling songs. Straddling classical and popular, combining traditional and modern, integrating eastern and Western musical aesthetics of the crossover masterpiece.

The record was recorded in a 400-square-meter space by dozens of top Chinese acoustic&unplugged Musical Instruments acoustic&unplugged. Asia's first set of the world's top SONICSOLOUTIONS and PRISIMSOUNDDSD system recordings. And super rigorous post-mixing and master tape production that lasted 11 months and 16 revisions. The proportional positioning, transparency, balance, level, pitch, and sense of space of all the instruments are amazing.

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Du Cong, famous for pan flute. In 1978, Du Cong entered the Folk Music Department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; after graduation, he went to the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, where he was the last of the 8 flutes in the orchestra; Three China Golden Disc Awards. There is "the prince of pan flute", known as the first person of pan flute in Asia.
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Pai Xiao (pinyin: pái xiāo), also known as Pan Di, Fengwei Xiao, is an ancient musical instrument found in ancient China, South America, Europe, and Africa. Connect several wooden or bamboo pipes of different lengths, blow directly through the mouth, each pipe emits a sound, and the melody is displayed by continuously blowing different pipes.
Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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Panpipes have different names in different periods and regions. In ancient China, the pan flute had many famous names. Yaxiao, Songxiao, Shunxiao, Qinxiao, Fengxiao, Fengyi, Yunxiao. There are also some unfamiliar aliases for pan flutes: staggered, bizhu, short flute, bottom flute, xiao, lai, etc. Pan flutes have their own unique names in all countries of the world.
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Pai Xiao played an important role in both the advocacy of the Han Dynasty and the music of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Sui is the predecessor of the later pan flute. In the Zhou Dynasty, Xiao and Sui were mentioned by poets and included in the Book of Songs. In the classification of ancient musical instruments, the pan flute is listed as a bamboo musical instrument. In the era of Yu and Shun, there was a music and dance called "Xiao Shao", which was mainly played with the pan flute. In ancient times, the pan flute, like chimes and chimes, was a very popular musical instrument. From the Spring and Autumn Period to the Qin and Han Dynasties, the pan flute was widely circulated among the people, and it occupied a very important position in the advocacy of the Han Dynasty.
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Paixiao is a "blow hole and chirping musical instrument", made of bamboo, about 80 cm long, and the purple bamboo flute has about 6-8 bamboo knots. Its shape is as follows: the upper end of the seal (or opening) has a blow hole on the edge of the bamboo joint, the tube body generally has 6 accuses, 5 holes in the front, 1 hole in the back, and two pairs of sound holes below, the bottom end is an open tube, the sound interval It is two octaves, and can also be trained to play the overblown 4th interval, but it is not often used.
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There are many materials for making panpipes, such as bitter bamboo, thin bamboo, ebony, sandalwood, mahogany, rosewood, cherry wood, serpentine wood, rosewood, ceramics, glass, carbon fiber, glass fiber, acrylic, ABS plastic, copper Pipes, steel pipes, etc. Commonly used are bitter bamboo, various wood, carbon fiber, plastic.
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The sound of Paxiao is soft and elegant, and the low-pitched sound is deep and sad, with strong penetrating and vibrating power.
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