Xun (ancient song) "Long Door Complaint"
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【 Xun 】 The ancient song "Changmen Complaint" by the B station up the main Xun Wu Su Xin performed.

I use a wide range of green F Xu to play this ancient song, with the unique musical expression of pottery Xun and its deep and heavy timbre characteristics, giving a different kind of musical feeling and new mood: the deep and heavy bass zone makes the melancholy more close to the voice of the choked, more sad; The high part is smooth and mellow, which makes the emotion burst more full and exciting! It is very consistent with the artistic conception expressed in the poem "Changmen Resentment" of the past dynasties, which makes the portrayal of the two characters of the same situation of the palace woman and the frustrated scholar very vivid and vivid. Inject new elements into this ancient song, and add paragraph titles to the six parts of the whole song: 1. 2, long door tears memories of the past; Cold moonlight cold dark hate life; 4, residual lamp lonely shadow meaning difficult to level; How cool and thin the world is; 6, look back at the heart of the lake level.

The first section of the "Wind and moon quiet beauty and meditation", the song from the long and long bass gradually rising, from high to low, several times from high to low or from low to high octave jump, in the soothing rhythm of high and low, creating a bright moon gradually rising, the clear light, the breeze gently shake the flower branches, drawing people's hearts up and down, infinite thoughts of the scene.

The second verse, "The Long Door weeping in memory of the past," immediately follows the lingering rhyme of the previous paragraph into the high notes, and then gradually into the middle and low notes. The excitement of the high register and the dark resentment of the low register form a contrast, creating a kind of prosperous but locked deep palace alone, can only recall the past and infinite contradictory mood.

The third verse, "Cold moonlight cold dark hate life," begins with a bass that is very close to the choked voice, and gradually rises into the theme of the music. After recollecting thoughts and reminiscing about the past, you enter a mood of resentment. "People see a full moon, alone I cold moonlight lonely shadow, how can not resent."

The fourth paragraph, "the shadow of a broken lamp is difficult to calm", is the core theme of the music. In the melodious melody, there is a fierce high-pitched burst, creating a lonely shadow in the face of the cold lamp, and there is also a sense of unyielding and fighting. Lost luck and frustrated literati a light and dark two kinds of characters, in the face of happiness or success, although the wall is separated but can not get, the end is difficult to level!

The fifth paragraph "How cool and thin the world is" is a continuation of the theme of the music. The melody is mostly wandering in the middle and low notes, and the gentle rhythm reveals a meditation that sees through the world and human feelings and faces the helpless reality.

The sixth paragraph, "Looking back at the level of the heart by the Lake", is the final chapter of the music. From the middle to the bass, to the end of the two bars of the long sound continuous, seems to let all memories, resentment, resistance into a long sigh, leaving remembrance, return to peace!

Cover inscription: Peng Xu

Involving the artist

Xun Zhe Wu Suxin is an up master in the music area of station B. He currently has 89,000 fans. His videos are mainly Xun renditions. sheet music and fingering tables.
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Involving musical instruments

Xun (pinyin: xūn) is a closed-mouthed wind instrument unique to the Han nationality. It occupies an important position in the history of primitive art in the world.

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Organized by 愛 on 2023-06-28
The 2022 Chinese National Music Inheritance and Publishing Project boutique publishing project "Translation and Annotation of Tanghu Xunpu" was recently published by Tianjin Ancient Books Publishing House. This is the first systematic compilation and proofreading of China's first Xunpu "Tanghu Xunpu".
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Organized by 小饼干 on 2022-08-26
Meet the romantic Taoxun, and slowly taste the intangible cultural heritage. Xun is an ancient wind instrument in my country with a history of six or seven thousand years. The Taoxun performance skills project was listed as the sixth batch of representative projects of intangible cultural heritage in Xi'an.
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Organized by 薄暮 on 2022-06-30
In our Ningjin County, Dezhou City, there is a xun maker, Pu Shutang, who is the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of the Tanghu xun production process. Today we came to Pu Shutang's studio to experience the unique charm of Xun, an "earth" musical instrument.
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Organized by 不知桃夏 on 2022-06-20
In order to protect and inherit ancient xun performance skills, the "Xun Lefang", an intangible cultural heritage ancient xun inheritance and promotion organization authorized by the Fujian provincial representative project protection unit, officially opened classes on June 12, and at the same time in Xiamen City Hongkong. The inauguration ceremony of Shan Academy was held.
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Organized by 沈梦溪 on 2022-05-12
Li Yunlin, a famous domestic xun maker, is pruning the newly planted bittershui roses in the back garden of his studio. "After a while, I will build a small pavilion here, and in summer, I can take the children to play xun in the pavilion..."
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