Zhuang Tianqin performs Kapok Po

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Zhuang Tianqin interpretation "Kapok Po" from the album "Chinese Music Map of Guangxi Zhuang Tianqin Song Collection"

The Slope of Ceiba

Lyricist and composer: Weihaiyang Nationality: Zhuang Nationality Region: Guangxi

Singing, piano: Wei Haiyang

Tianqin seems to be played by the hand of God, the melody is free and gentle, pleasant to listen to, and the song is long and soft, making people intoxicated in the warmth of their hometown. Breeze blowing across the earth, such as the flame of gorgeous kapok bloom in the branches, grandma said, kapok open, winter no longer come, the day will be prosperous. The kapok tree is tall and straight, and people also call it "hero tree"; Kapok is big and heavy and falls easily from the trees, while the fallen flowers are still colorful, as if they want to burn their whole life. The graceful glissando sometimes appears, embellishing the music with dexterity and moving, and the gentle song quietly tells you to cherish the happy life, cherish the fleeting beauty, and cherish the people around you.

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Since its inception in 2003, Ruiming Music has adhered to the creation and ingenuity, and regards "making music with heart" as the brand concept of Ruiming music, striving to bring the audience more quality, taste of cultural aesthetic and artistic value pursuit.
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Tianqin (pinyin: tiān qín) is a plucked stringed musical instrument used by the Zhuang people (Bubian and Budai branch). It is popular in Dongzhong, Ningming and Longzhou on the Sino-Vietnamese border in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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Organized by Susan on 2022-06-02
Tianqin is one of the unique musical instruments of the Zhuang people in Guangxi. It belongs to the plucked instrument. It is mostly used as an accompaniment instrument among the Zhuang people. It is popular in the area of Longzhou, Guangxi. An instrument for communicating with the sky.
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Qin Huabei, the fourth-generation descendant of the Zhuang nationality's Longzhou Tianqin making skills, has been learning how to make qin from his grandfather since the age of 13, and has been focusing on Tianqin production for 45 years.
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Holding the Tianqin in one hand, shaking the string of bells hanging on the feet, and singing while playing, this is the performance method of the Zhuang Tianqin, which is a representative list of national intangible cultural heritage items.
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When playing the lyre, you can take two postures, sitting or standing. When playing in a sitting position, place the piano bar diagonally in front of the chest, place the piano barrel on or outside the right leg, and tilt the headstock to the upper left, forming a 45° angle; when playing in a standing position, hang the strap on the neck, and the piano bar is inclined. In front of the chest, the qin barrel is placed in front of the right abdomen, and the head of the qin is inclined to the upper left.
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The shape, structure and materials of the Tianqin are all unique. What is particularly special is that the headstock and the stem are made of three pieces of wood, without a single nail or a little glue.
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