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Introduction to Lin Hai(national musical instrument)Master composer

Lin Hai is a Chinese musician, composer, performer, and music producer. Professor and master tutor of the Faculty of Arts, Communication University of China.

In the past 30 years, he has created dozens of personal albums in different styles, including personal piano performance albums, instrumental music albums, vocal albums, and film and television soundtrack albums. There are more than 2,000 pieces of music including "Silence in the Distance", "Pipa Language", "Happy Qin", "Yangliu", "Golden Jade Good Fate", "Infatuation Tomb" and "Uninhibited".

The album "Moonlight Border" won the Best Pop Music Performance Album at the 13th Golden Melody Awards, and "Empty City" arranged for Faye Wong was nominated for the Best Arranger at the 15th Golden Melody Awards.

He has served as "Daming Palace Ci", "Winter Solstice", "Who Calls My Youth", "Phoenix Wearing Peony", "Letter from a Strange Woman", "Silver Empire", "Dragon Babu", "Lu Ding Ji", "Jin Yu Liang Yuan", "Chen Qing Ling" The music director and all original soundtracks of "Under the Brocade" and many other film and television works. His works "Cat", "Butterfly Dance", "Flowing City", "The Silence in the Distance", "Pipa Phase" and many other albums were shortlisted for the Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Pop Music Performance Album. Won the Kugou Music Annual Golden Melody Award.

Music critics called him a "right-handed East, left-handed West" palace-level music master and the godfather of national style music.

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