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Introduction to Yi Gongzi(national musical instrument)Master actor actress

Yi Gongzi, founder of Accidental Art, former TV host, founded We-Media Accidental Art in 2013, which is dedicated to the popularization of art, aiming to popularize high-cold art to the public in a relaxed and interesting way, and has gradually grown into the largest domestic art. Internet Art Community.

When you hear the word "art", everyone will think that this should be a very small category. When Mr. Yi first entered the art entrepreneurial circle, he did not have a professional art education background, and he did not have high-profile marketing methods. There are no art circle connections, not even the security guards of the auction house art gallery. And how can a grassroots surpass its peers who are already in the art circle with rich resources? When the author asked this question, Yi Gongzi said with a smile: "Many people have asked me the same way now, I am not an art major, and even 90% of our team has no art background, but it is because of our incompetence. Professionalism, on the contrary, will let us know what the public's pain points are for art. I think that art today is still generally in the high-end market. It is not because the public does not like art, but because the domestic art communication methods and languages are too closed and too traditional. The way of presentation is too academic and difficult to understand. Few people express the beauty of works of art in a language that is generally understood by the public, and no one explores the touching stories behind the artist's creation, which is difficult to resonate. Therefore, unexpected art should be done at the beginning. It is to popularize art in a down-to-earth way, starting from the most basic popular science art.”

After less than two years of hard work, Accidental Art quickly confirmed that the mass user-oriented starting point was correct. Through the operation of WeChat public subscription account, art talk show video and audio and other products, it quickly surpassed its peers and grew into the largest Internet art community in China.

Accidental Art's WeChat subscription account popularized art-related knowledge through fun, and quickly gathered users from all walks of life and all ages around the world. Through a conscious community organization model, it accumulated a group of highly viscous angel users at the beginning. These first of community users has become an unexpected community foundation, and has gradually developed into a large-scale art community with millions of people. The author learned that last year, Accidental Art planned to launch the concept of "urban clusters" to guide die-hard users in several major user gathering areas across the country to spontaneously set up offline urban art experience groups, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other 7 These cities have formed the first batch of urban sub-rudders of unexpected art. Through a reasonable collaboration model, they have launched a number of urban offline art and cultural activities, such as exhibition viewing, art experience classes, offline art tourism, etc. At the same time, in order to better manage the community, Accidental Art cooperates with large-scale art exhibitions and art exhibition halls at home and abroad, and enjoys many benefits such as advance preview and artist-led exhibitions for the true love of Accidental Art in various places. , online, the unexpected art community has set up a variety of ways to play, fans can contribute to WeChat content, set up columns for excellent contributors and have the opportunity to help excellent authors publish books; hold online and offline linkage activities "National Canvas Relay" Play with fans across the country and more. In addition, there are also online community organizations such as the "Accidental Volunteer Group", "Accidental English Subtitles Group", "Accidental Japanese Subtitles Group", "Accidental Review Team", "Accidental VIP True Love Internal Beta Group" and other online community organizations spontaneously formed by fans . These rich community gameplays have also become the exclusive features of Accidental Art.

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Organized by 青鸟 on 2023-11-20
2023 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" initiative, this year's "Sinan Art Appreciation" around the "Silk Road traditional music", invited the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra to join hands with Chinese and Western artists across the border, with 8 art sharing activities, focusing on the exchange of Eastern and Western music culture on the Silk Road, to show the integration and development of national instruments on the "Belt and Road".
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Quiet music, sonorous sound, in the wonderful interpretation of the Chinese impression performer group, the audience enjoy the beautiful movement of music painting, and experience the charm of pipa, Zhongruan and suona together...
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On the evening of October 13, the opening ceremony and performance of 2023 White Crane Liang Tourism and Culture Festival were held in Fuling District of Chongqing. An octet performance of violin, cello, accordion, Cahun drum, erhu, pipa, bamboo flute and dulchen, "When Chardash Meets Horse Race" attracted the attention of the audience.
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Recently, the fourth performance of the 2023 music season of Zhuhai National Orchestra - "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" He Zhanhao's works concert came to an end at Chongqing Shi Guangnan Grand Theatre. This is also the first time that the Zhuhai National Orchestra has performed in Chongqing since its establishment.
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In the live broadcast room, various folk music performances such as guzheng, guqin, pipa, erhu, yangqin, suona... are either melodious or passionate. More and more folk music performers are choosing online platforms to perform, which is a new way of dissemination that brings traditional folk music closer to the public and attracts more young people.
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