Naxi Pipa operating guide

The Naxi Pipa is a plucked stringed musical instrument of the Naxi people. Popular in Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. When playing the Naxi pipa, most of them are in a sitting position. The player stands on the chest, the head of the piano is inclined to the upper left, the tail of the piano is placed at the root of the right leg, and the piano is held in the left ...
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The appearance of the Naxi pipa is similar to that of the Han nationality pipa, but the volume is larger and the speaker is relatively flat and thin, retaining the ancient shape. It consists of a sound box, neck, headstock, pegs, binding strings and strings, with a total length of 110 cm. The Naxi Pipa resonance box is half-pear-shaped, and the abdominal cavity of the lute is carved out of...
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