Naxi Pipa overview

Naxi Pipa The Naxi Pipa (pinyin: nà xī pí pá) is a plucked stringed musical instrument of the Naxi people. Popular in Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. The appearance is similar to the pipa in the Han area, but the volume is larger and the speaker is relatively flat and thin, retaining the ancient shape.

The Naxi pipa is composed of a resonance box, a neck, a headstock, a peg, a binding string and a string, with a total length of 110 cm.

The ensemble pieces for pipa and Su Gudu include "When Spring Comes", etc. The Naxi ancient music pieces played by pipa include "Bubujia", "Shuilong Yin", "A River Wind" and "Hillside Sheep".

Famous old pipa artists include Li Zuoting, Zhang Kuiguang, and Han Ji, and young pipa players include Niu Shiguang and Niu Zhijun.
  • Chinese name:Naxi Pipa
  • pinyin:nà xī pí pá
  • category:plucked instruments
  • popular area:Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province

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