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The qin is an ancient plucked instrument with seven strings and fretless. Se is a kind of playing board and box stringed musical instrument in ancient times, and guzheng is a zheng musical instrument, which belongs to plucked instruments. The violin is smaller, has less volume, and has fewer strings. The volume is large and the cavity is large, so the volume is high, and the timbre changes more...
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Music comes from life and plays an extremely important role in promoting the development of civilization and improving spiritual and cultural life. In traditional Chinese culture, music is not only an organic part of traditional governance, but also an important part of literati cultivation. It has passed through the mighty torrents of history and fully witnessed the continuous development of C...
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Chinese music is an important part of the splendid Chinese culture. Before the middle of the 19th century, it experienced three periods: ancient, medieval and modern. For thousands of years, it is famous for its colorful varieties and rich systems. People used to call him the "ancient period" or "traditional period" of Chinese music, but every historical period has "ancient" and "present". When th...
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