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One end of the qin is big and the other is small. The strings are drawn from the thin end and radiate to the other end in a diverging shape. The surface of the qin is curved, and the bottom of the qin is flat; the zither is a standard rectangle, and the distribution of the strings is parallel. The number of strings on the qin and the zither is also different, and the qin is generally 7 strings....
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There are generally three ways to make the structure: 1. Use the whole wood to carve into the body, install the bottom plate, and install other parts. This is a relatively primitive manufacturing method. From the Spring and Autumn Period to the early Warring States Period, Chusers mostly used this method; 2. The sewer panel is made of single wood, surrounded by thin wall panels, which are more c...
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The ancient serpent was carved from a single piece of wood, while the serpent made in the Qing Dynasty has been glued into a rectangular resonance box from the panel, the bottom plate and the frame plate. The strings are made of silk strings. On the first Yueshan (Shouyue) and the end Yueshan (weiyue), each string has a goose column that can move left and right to adjust the length of the string a...
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