Enthusiasm for creation can be effectively protected National musical instrument patents continue to grow

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There are 74 invention patents, 405 utility model patents, 378 design patents, and a total of 857 national musical instrument patents in 2021. "Although the total number of patents has dropped by 10.5% year-on-year, it is still at a very high level. Compared with ten years ago, the total number of patents has increased by 4 times, and the patents of ethnic musical instruments have shown an overall trend of continuous growth." China National Orchestra Society Music Instrument Reform and Production Major Feng Yuankai, chairman of the committee, said. Recently, the Professional Committee of Musical Instrument Reform and Production of the Chinese National Orchestra Society released the statistical data of national musical instrument patents in 2021 to reflect the development status of my country's national musical instrument industry.

Enthusiasm for creation can be effectively protected National musical instrument patents continue to grow

All kinds of patents are much higher than ten years ago

Since 2012, the Professional Committee of Musical Instrument Reform and Production of the Chinese National Orchestra Society has published the statistical data of national musical instrument patents every year. The data is screened and sorted out from the massive data of the State Intellectual Property Office to ensure its authority and accuracy. "The reform and innovation of my country's national musical instruments is all-round, from the internal structure, material innovation to appearance design, performance methods are constantly advancing." Feng Yuankai introduced that in 2021, there will be a total of 857 national musical instrument patents, and the top five musical instruments are in order. : 295 guzheng items, 117 erhu items, 86 guqin items, 56 pipa items, and 48 xiao items.

Although the total number of patents has dropped by 10.5% year-on-year compared with 2020, invention patents, utility model patents, and design patents are far higher than the level of a decade ago. Among them, there are 74 invention patents, which is 9.6 times that of ten years ago; 405 utility model patents, which are 3.7 times that of ten years ago; and 378 design patents, which are 8.9 times that of ten years ago. "Before the reform and opening up, the inventions and creations of ethnic musical instruments were shared by the whole society, and the labor paid was not linked to economic interests, but only dedication. The patent system is a product of the market economy. Only by protecting the achievements of inventions can we promote the continued growth of patents for ethnic musical instruments." Feng Yuan Kai said.

In the past ten years, there have been 4,965 patents for national musical instruments, including 708 invention patents, 2,064 utility model patents, and 2,193 design patents. And utility model patents not only increased in total, but also increased in the proportion of patents. Among the national musical instrument patents in 2021, invention patents and design patents decreased by 48.97% and 9.57% year-on-year respectively, and utility model patents increased by 2.5% year-on-year, accounting for 47.26% of all patents. "The increase in the proportion of utility model patents is a good phenomenon, which shows that the innovation of national musical instruments is more closely integrated with the market, reflecting the value of musical instruments as commodities." Feng Yuankai said. For example, the utility model patent of Zhaojiasheng Musical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, "a protective bag for airbag-type musical instrument sheng", is easy to install and use, can protect the sheng from falling in all directions, and can also absorb the moisture in the sheng mouthpiece. , the market application prospect is broad. In addition, the technological content of national musical instrument manufacturing has been continuously improved, and many new information technologies have been introduced, including new materials, new processes, and new technologies. For example, the utility model patent of Tianjin Jingyi Sheng Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. "a titanium alloy Sheng seedling component and Sheng", the loudspeaker tube is made of titanium alloy, and there is a fitting surface near the seedling tube side, which is light in weight and wear-resistant. , which not only realizes the increase of the volume, but also does not change the original sound quality of the Sheng, and ensures the soft and quiet charm of the Sheng itself.

The society participates extensively in the innovation of national musical instruments

In the past ten years, a total of 2,664 enterprises and individuals have participated in the application of national musical instrument patents, of which 914 are enterprises, 1,209 individuals, and 541 institutions such as colleges and universities. "In the past, the types of patent applicants were basically enterprises, but now individuals are very motivated." Feng Yuankai found that more and more ethnic musical instrument enthusiasts have joined the ranks of musical instrument innovation, applying technologies and experiences from other industries to ethnic musical instruments Innovation, and in large-scale enterprises such as Shanghai National Musical Instrument Factory Co., Ltd., Helehai Musical Instrument Co., Ltd., Suzhou National Musical Instrument No.1 Factory Co., Ltd., patent application and protection have become normalized management and are an important part of enterprise technical work.

The number of national musical instrument patents of Shanghai National Musical Instrument No. 1 Factory Co., Ltd. has always been at the leading level in the industry, increasing year by year. In 2021, it will apply for 53 patents, ranking first again. "This is closely related to our development concept and strategic policy." Zhou Li, executive deputy general manager of Shanghai National Musical Instrument No. 1 Factory Co., Ltd., introduced that the company adheres to culture as the main line, brand building and innovation as the two wings, and win-win cooperation. development strategy, implement cultural marketing in practice, innovate cultural products, and cultivate a team of cultural craftsmen. Among them, the innovation of cultural products and the cultivation of cultural artisan teams are particularly evident in patent applications.

In 2021, Shanghai National Musical Instrument No. 1 Factory Co., Ltd. will cooperate with Li Shoubai, the vice chairman of Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles and a master of Shanghai arts and crafts, to design the Centennial Journey series of guzheng. composed of different themes. "We have cooperated with masters of arts and crafts and inheritors of intangible genetics, using the company's internal design resources to introduce intangible cultural heritage elements and folk crafts into cultural products, and developed a series of products." Zhou Li introduced that compared with appearance patents, inventions The research and development cycle of patents and utility model patents is longer and more difficult. Enterprises encourage cultural craftsmen to actively participate in the development of products with technical departments and industrial design centers, so that a number of utility model patents and invention patents have emerged.

Creative passion can be effectively protected

After the patent is granted, the invention shall not be manufactured or used commercially without the consent of the patentee. After the patent right is infringed, the patentee can protect the patent right through negotiation, requesting the intervention of the patent administrative department or litigation. . However, patent infringement of national musical instruments is still common.

In 2003, Zhuozhou Zhaojiasheng Musical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. set up a project to develop mid-bass sheng, and began to apply for a patent in 2007, but the results were imitated by many companies in the industry. Yes." Zhao Hongliang, the person in charge of Zhao Jiasheng, said that inventions and creations serve the development of national musical instruments, and some small and lax imitations are ignored. "I don't want to use my brain to create, I just want to imitate. It's a phenomenon of lack of culture, and it's something we should try to change." Wang Peng, head of Beijing Juntianfang Guqin Culture and Art Communication Co., Ltd., based on a deep understanding of Guqin culture, combined with acoustics Based on the principle, it has innovated the shape of the guqin, but has never applied for a patent. "Juntianfang has a large number of innovative designs. If you apply for a patent, the cost is too high, and the current Guqin market is relatively chaotic, so it is difficult to carry out substantial patent protection." Publicize its guqin innovations.

"Although the intellectual property protection environment is not particularly ideal, and counterfeiting and selling are more subtle, we are still actively carrying out intellectual property declaration and protection." Zhou Li said that Shanghai National Musical Instrument No. 1 Factory Co., Ltd. collects counterfeit, Selling fake information, protecting intellectual property rights of enterprises through legal means, and maintaining market order and consumer rights. "The reform and innovation of musical instruments requires repeated experiments, and consumes a lot of time, energy and money. They should be protected, enjoy the results, and gain benefits." Feng Yuankai hopes that the inventor's creative enthusiasm will be effectively protected, so as to innovate more suitable for performance. National musical instruments that meet domestic requirements, market demands and the development of the times.

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