Hubei drums clean and rap uprightness

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"The first dish 'Fried Bitter Gourd' should be eaten with bitterness; the second dish 'Clear Oil Tofu' should be clear and white; the third dish 'Clear Mixed Three Silk' should be thought twice; the fourth dish The dish 'Steamed Wuchang Fish' needs to be poked slowly and sucked slowly from start to finish; add a bowl of 'lotus rice soup', drink a sip, you can refresh your mind..."

Recently, on the stage of a literary performance in Tuanfeng County, Hubei Province, a rap song "Previous Godson" in the dialect of Hubei drum pushed the audience's emotions to a climax. The performer Yin Hongmei expressed the son of the soon-to-be "leader" from a mother's perspective. In the farewell, the "four dishes and one soup" clean package taught children to be honest and pragmatic as officials, which attracted the audience's continuous applause. This is a vivid practice of the county's integration of regional opera elements into the construction of a clean culture.

Hubei drum is one of the four major types of music in Hubei, and one of the important folk performing arts forms in Tuanfeng County. In recent years, the Tuanfeng County Commission for Discipline Inspection has innovated the methods and methods of discipline and law education, insisting on keeping upright and innovating, singing new songs from old songs, and promoting traditional and excellent culture in a way that the masses like to hear and hear, and then cultivate a culture of integrity. More than 35 performances were performed.

"Anti-corruption and Integrity - Honesty and Integrity", "Anti-corruption and Integrity - Going Forward", "Anti-corruption and Integrity - Sweeping the Black and Eliminating Evil", a few days ago, in the county's Hubei drum "Mountain Village" tour, folk performer Tu Xinming The "Trilogy" of Anti-corruption and Integrity Promotion created, as the finale program, is deeply loved by the masses.

"Drums are accompanied by a unique local accent, which is very intimate. Using this method to publicize the party's policies, party discipline and national laws, everyone not only loves to listen to it, but also understands it." The Party Branch of Huajia Dawan Village, Huilongshan Town, Tuanfeng County Secretary Chen Huaming said.

A flower alone is not spring, a hundred flowers bloom in spring and the garden is full. The county also strengthens integrity by writing "integrity" with brush strokes, saying "integrity" with drums, singing "integrity" in opera, painting "integrity" in brush and ink, telling "integrity" in books, watching "integrity" in movies, and "integrity" in tourism. Cultural construction, the creation of the Red Lian Huangmei Opera "Ba Dou Wan", the organization of the "Red Literary Hussars" benefiting the people's performance activities, and the creation of Hong Lian tourism boutique routes, etc., attracted nearly 300,000 cadres and masses to participate.

"In the next step, we will continue to strengthen the construction of a clean culture in the new era by relying on the unique resources of the county, and let the clean culture fly into the homes of ordinary people. Create a good social atmosphere for the construction of a "good, honest, real, and excellent" clean group style. ” said the chief person in charge of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision.
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湖北团风:湖北大鼓说唱廉 清风正气拂心田

Involving musical instruments

The book drum (pinyin: shū gǔ) is one of the traditional Han Chinese musical instruments. Popular all over the country, it is specially used for the accompaniment of various drum books such as the rap music "Dagushu" in northern China. When playing, the book drum is placed on a drum stand, and the drum stand is made of six thin bamboos tied with ropes. The drum surface is slightly lower than the elbow, or the book drum is supported on a small wooden frame. The rapper holds a book board or pear flower slice in his left hand, and a single arrow in his right hand strikes the drum surface.

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