Opening the door with Six characters -- Music code and artistic wisdom in Suona solo

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Six Characters to Open the Door is a famous solo suona in traditional China. With its unique melody structure, exquisite playing skills and profound cultural connotation, it occupies an important position in Chinese national instrumental music. With six Chinese characters as the source of inspiration, the piece transforms the spirit of the words into a vivid and rich musical language through the suona, a highly expressive instrument.

Opening the door with Six characters -- Music code and artistic wisdom in Suona solo

"Six characters to open the door" refers to the six characters are usually considered to be "Fu Lu Shou Xi CAI an", these six words contain the Chinese people's yearning for a better life and deep sustenance for good luck. In the music, each note seems to correspond to a word, and the life philosophy and life vision contained in these six words are vividly displayed through the intense and full timbour of the suona.

The melody of the whole song is smooth and varied, with both vigorous rhythm display and delicate melodious emotional expression, which fully embodies the unique charm of suona art. Players use a variety of wind skills, such as glissando, trill, percussion, etc., to make the music more three-dimensional and fresh, like a dynamic picture displayed in front of the audience.

As a gem of the suona solo program, "Six Characters to Open the Door" not only shows the artistic height of traditional Chinese wind instruments on a technical level, but also represents the artistic crystallization of traditional Chinese cultural spirit and folk wisdom on a deeper level. It implies that when facing challenges in life, people should hold hope, go forward bravely, and open doors of life with a positive and optimistic attitude. To meet the bright future.

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Suona (pinyin: suǒ nà) is a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument. Also called Suannai, trumpet, advocacy. The traditional suona is composed of five parts: whistle, air card, intruder, rod and bowl.

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