Wang Pei: Live broadcast helps more people contact traditional arts such as national music

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In recent years, the trend of "national style" has risen, new media such as live broadcast and short video have emerged, and traditional culture such as serving national music has attracted a large number of new audiences. It has also helped performers open up online "new stages", and appreciation has gradually become a "new ticket" for the performing arts. Recently, the China Music School Research Institute of the China Conservatory of Music held a seminar on "New Media of Live Broadcasting and New Paths for the Inheritance and Development of Chinese Music". Experts and scholars from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Nanjing Academy of Arts, Communication University of China, Sun Yat sen University, East China Normal University, Hong Kong University and other universities were invited to discuss issues such as how the new ecology of live broadcasting can help the transmission and inheritance of Chinese music, and how reward income can extend the new form of cultural consumption.

Wang Pei: Live broadcast helps more people contact traditional arts such as national music

The picture shows Wang Pei, Assistant Professor of the School of Chinese Studies of the University of Hong Kong

Wang Pei, an assistant professor at the School of Chinese Studies of the University of Hong Kong, said that the live broadcast was helping more people to get in touch with traditional arts such as national music, and promoting the appreciation and popularization of minority and intangible cultural heritage music. The audience also expressed their appreciation and emotion for national music by means of rewards and praise.

Wang Pei pointed out that music aesthetics requires a certain amount of time and labor. Because of its intuitiveness and convenience, the live broadcast of national music can help modern people get closer to art more easily. "The anchors organically combine their own costumes, environmental arrangements, poems and songs with music, so that the audience can fully feel the charm of national music. Even in an environment where the equipment and conditions are relatively simple, as long as the anchor's technical level is excellent, he can convey real and strong feelings to the audience through performance, which is exactly what modern audiences attach importance to, so they will also use rewards to express positive emotional feedback such as recognition." Wang Pei explains.

It is reported that in the past year, 87% of folk music anchors on the Tiktok platform received rewards. Not only well-known instruments such as guzheng, erhu and suona, but also relatively small ethnic instruments such as xun, solo, harp and harmonica also received new "box office" through live rewards. In August 2022, Tiktok Live Broadcasting, together with the Central Ethnic Orchestra, launched the "DOU has national music" plan, hoping to help 100 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage of folk music to obtain broadcasting revenue in the next year, and let 1000 folk music performers earn more than 10000 yuan a month.

In addition, Wang Pei also believes that live broadcasting can bring elegant art closer to the public and lower the threshold for the public to obtain aesthetic education. "In the past, the way that the public received and felt music was very limited. The emergence of Internet live broadcasting platforms such as Tiktok has objectively made the art that used to live in temples more popular." Wang Pei said.

Looking forward to the future, Wang Pei expects that the live broadcast can not only provide a stage for folk artists, but also make professional Chinese music performers more convenient to get close to the public, conduct collisions from different perspectives, and let more excellent traditional culture enter the hearts of modern people.

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