Zhongruan Performer Feng Mantian: Dialogue with Heaven and Earth, Explore the Universe with Music

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Feng Mantian remembered that when he was a teenager, he spent two cents to buy a ticket to the Beijing Planetarium. That was the first time he walked into the planetarium, and it was the first time he saw galaxies there. It felt very mysterious. A few years ago, he saw the galaxies in the sky for the first time in Guazhou, Gansu. He used a voice to describe the real feeling of that moment - "Wow!"

Zhongruan Performer Feng Mantian: Dialogue with Heaven and Earth, Explore the Universe with Music

"Just this one sound, nothing else. But this one sound expresses thousands of words, including the praise and awe of human beings for the universe, which I cannot understand." The famous Zhongruan virtuoso said, just in Shanghai At the opening concert of Shanghai Planetarium by Dishui Lake in Lingang New Area, he connected a lot of "wow" with music - loud "wow", soft "wow", children's "wow", old man's "wow" ”, using Ruan with different timbres to express this “wow”.

On September 26th, Feng Mantian and his band joined hands with QQ Music and InCulture to create a breathtaking astronomical art concert "Chinese Music Asking the Sky". QQ Music and China News Network simultaneously broadcast live online, bringing the world premiere of the "Chinese Music Asking the Sky" concert for the audience who could not be there in person, presenting a magnificent Chinese music audio-visual feast for music fans. The music uses simulated surround sound technology to bring the audience an immersive artistic experience. If online listeners wear headphones to listen, they will feel that they are not on the ground, but feel the universe in space.

This is a wonderful musical journey, Feng Mantian said, "It's wonderful to be able to face space in the planetarium and play the violin with Nebula."

The ancient Chinese have been exploring the laws of the universe and life, so they have precious heritage such as the twenty-four solar terms and traditional Chinese medicine. Modern people have inherited the ancient concept of "harmony between man and nature". "The universe is all things, the earth is a part of the universe, every grass and every grain of sand is also a part of the universe, and of course man is also a part of the universe. It's just that man sometimes attaches some external things to himself, and man is separated from the universe. Maybe, if you give up artificiality and forget yourself, you can become one with the universe." Feng Mantian said: "When people look up at the stars, they may be thinking about other things, and it is difficult to integrate with the universe. If there is music involved, As long as you listen attentively, everyone will forget yourself. The 'I' here is the 'me' in the social model, the 'me' after people grow up and touch social civilization. Pay attention to listening, That social model may still be there, but it doesn't matter anymore. You can hear your heartbeat, feel your breath, breathe with the universe, nothing else. The universe has big breaths, we have small breaths. Their vibrational frequencies are the same."

Since ancient times, human beings have used various methods to explore the universe. In Feng Mantian's view, music is also an entrance to explore the universe, because the two have many things in common. For example, the universe is full of abstraction, and music is also abstract. Another example is that the universe is dynamic, and so is music. You can feel the dynamics of the universe with your hearing.

Feng Mantian's impromptu music seems to have the same effect as the "sound" of the universe. The artist often forgets himself when playing, and perceives the non-living state in the state of life. "The Book of Music says that only music can't be faked. It's not artificial, it's natural." There is no musical form or harmony in his music, no joy, anger, sadness, music, and improvisation, just like the clouds in the sky, each piece is different In the same way, there is no way to design, it is a natural state of randomness.

For listeners, this musical journey is like exploring the universe in a spaceship, and it is safe. Although it may not be possible to achieve the state of self-forgetfulness, the life is still there, the perception is still there, but it is also possible to give up some random thoughts and emotions, and heal the body and mind. "There are some powerful moments in our music, like a mass of meteorites going through your soul, and you don't get hurt, you feel the power of the universe."

Feng Mantian said that modern people are very busy, and there are very few opportunities to really calm down and observe and think about the universe. He wants everyone to slow down in the music, be quiet, relax, look at the stars, forget about their troubles for a while, and let themselves take a breath. "People's emotions have a great impact on the body. When you breathe out mentally, your body gets a breather. The human body has a recovery function, just like the universe naturally has a strong self-healing ability."

Of course, the best way to get rid of troubles is to forget about yourself. "The universe is relatively eternal, much stronger than the life force of the earth. If the audience can forget both things at a certain moment in the music and integrate into the universe, it will be very beautiful. You can't remember this feeling logically, but the subconscious will remember it. Live. When you need it, you can recall this memory, which is beneficial to life.” Feng Mantian said, “In the past, we used to make music mostly figurative. This time, it is a non-figurative concert and a musical experiment. meaningful."

Involving the artist

Feng Mantian (March 13, 1963-), graduated from Harbin Normal University, a famous Chinese musician, Master Zhongruan, and Yueqin performer.
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Involving musical instruments

Zhongruan (pinyin: zhōng ruǎn) is a national plucked musical instrument with a long history in China. It is a traditional plucked musical instrument of the Chinese nation. Because of the mellow, rich tone and wide range of sound, Ruan has become the main instrument in solo, ensemble, and duet in ancient times; in modern times, Ruan can play a powerful role in the orchestra, and Da Ruan and Zhong Ruan are mainly used in national orchestras.

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