Good musical instruments and Lankao make perfect folk music industry chain

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"Good musical instruments, made by Lankao", entered Lankao Music Town, Nanyang Town, Lankao County, Henan Province. The six bold characters on the street glittered in the sun. In that year, Secretary Jiao Yulu led the Lankao people to plant paulownia for windbreak and sand fixation, which is one of the best materials for the soundboard of national musical instruments. In October last year, Lankao County was awarded the title of "Hometown of Chinese National Musical Instruments · Lankao" and became one of the four bases of Chinese national musical instrument industry.

Good musical instruments and Lankao make perfect folk music industry chain

"Paulownia is known as' breathing wood 'because of its loose wood, strong sound transmission and high resonance. It is the best material for making national musical instruments. Now more than 95% of the nation's national musical instrument soundboards are from Lankao." Yang Bing, a post-90s boy, said proudly. After graduating from college in 2014, he resolutely chose to return to his hometown, Lankao Town, and founded his own company and brand, specializing in making zither and guqin. Now, through continuous exploration and innovation in many aspects such as the sound quality effect and appearance modeling of the zither, he has applied for 4 appearance patents and 5 utility model patents, which have been recognized by industry insiders and sold to many places at home and abroad.

In Lankao Music Town, the number of orders in the hands of villagers has increased recently. "The online orders have risen rapidly in the last month!" Fan Huimin is full of spirit, and his colleagues are skillfully playing with various live props to make final preparations for the evening online guzheng teaching. Eleven years ago, with the help of her experience in internet work, she resigned and returned to her hometown to start a business, helping villagers understand online sales channels and comprehensive packaging products, so that Lankao musical instruments not only have vitality in the production side, but also make efforts in the sales side, fundamentally solving the problem that Lankao musical instrument carpenters do not understand product packaging and network operation, and also solving the worries about the sales of domestic musical instruments.

With many years of experience, Fan Huimin has now established his own national musical instrument company, with an annual sales of more than 30000 zithers and an annual sales of nearly 50 million yuan, indirectly driving more than 500 zither practitioners.

In recent years, Lankao has vigorously developed the national musical instrument industry. Invest 2 billion yuan to build a music town, introduce brand enterprises such as Shanghai No.1 National Musical Instrument Factory, deepen cooperation with the Central Conservatory of Music, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and Xi'an Conservatory of Music, enhance brand value, and form a complete industrial chain integrating production, display, sales, e-commerce, logistics, performance and training.

At present, Lankao has 219 musical instrument production and supporting enterprises, and 19 enterprises above designated size, mainly producing more than 20 varieties of zither, guqin, pipa, ruan, and other supporting products, as well as soundboards, tables and benches. The annual production and sales of various national musical instruments are 700000, of which the soundboards account for 95% of the national market share, with an annual output value of 3 billion yuan, and more than 18000 jobs.

Before that, Xu Bing founded the Shanzhuo Qin Society, which gathered the friends of Qin through the Qin culture to talk about the past and the present, and to exchange what is needed, so as to promote the Chinese ancient Qin culture to all parts of the world.

Xu Bing is a native of Xuchang Village, Nanyang Town, Lankao County. His family has a tradition of Zhuo Qin for decades. He and his father and brother are both engaged in musical instrument production. His brother Xu Yachong and his sister-in-law Wei Chenxin play the guqin and guzheng together. They got together because of the guqin and participated in activities on behalf of Henan for many times.

Today, Xu Bing's chopping and inheritance of the ancient zither has been praised by many masters in the ancient zither industry.

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