How to play mud wah and well-known music

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The mud wah evolved from an earthen musical instrument, and is named after the sound "woo woo wah" blown out. A popular folk musical instrument in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, it is a fringe chiming musical instrument.

How to play mud wah and well-known music

When playing, hold the mud wow with both hands, hold the thumb and middle finger, and make a sound with the mouth facing the blow hole.

The small ones are crisp and melodious, while the big ones are thick and deep. The two ends of the butterfly-shaped mud wow are somewhat similar to the horn-shaped mud wow, and the appearance is beautiful and unique. It is a type of mud wow that women like to play. The cow-head-shaped mud wow is commonly used in mountainous areas or in agricultural and pastoral areas. It is not only a self-entertainment musical instrument loved by herdsmen and shepherd boys, but also a tool to assist animal husbandry production.

The mud wah is often used for solo performances, and the herdsmen mostly use it to play folk songs and minors.

Traditional music "Su Wu Shepherd", "Grazing Minor", "Improvisation" and so on. Of course, with the continuous improvement of this folk musical instrument, there have been many creations of music, such as "Brother's Niwawoo", "Wonzhou Ditty" and "I Love My Taiwan Island".

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Niuwawu (Pinyin: ní wa wū), also known as Niu Tau Xun, Wa Wo Zi, Niu Chuchu, Chuuzi, Nixuan, Niu Xun, Ah Ouzi, Ni Niu Xun and Niu Jiao Xiao, edge-edge air-sounding instruments , popular in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

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