Niwawu operating guide

Niutouxun, a folk musical instrument of the Hui people, commonly known as "Wow" or "Muxiao" by the Hui people, is a small folk musical instrument made of yellow clay with strong adhesion and durability. It was called "Xun" in ancient times. Niutouxun is simple to make, easy to obtain and popular. Children between the ages of seven and eight to eleven and twelve in the H...
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The mud wah evolved from an earthen musical instrument, and is named after the sound "woo woo wah" blown out. A popular folk musical instrument in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, it is a fringe chiming musical instrument. When playing, hold the mud wow with both hands, hold the thumb and middle finger, and make a sound with the mouth facing the blow hole. The small ...
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The mud wah whole body is kneaded with yellow clay, and its shape, size, number and position of sound holes are different. The bigger ones are similar to goose eggs, and the smaller ones are like walnuts. The shapes are oval, jujube, fish, peach, doll head, bull head, bull horn, butterfly and flat square, and so on. The mud wah generally has a blow hole in the middle o...
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