How to play the double-pipe dong flute and how to use it

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The double-pipe Dong flute is a new variety of Dong people's breath-playing musical instruments. It was reformed from the Dong flute and is now used in professional art performance groups.

How to play the double-pipe dong flute and how to use it

When playing a single note, just play the master. To play two tones, you need to blow the two-pipe at the same time, and you are best at playing two-tone thirds and fourths, but also two-tone fifths and twos, and can play a small amount of double-tone sixths and sevenths. Commonly used are D, G, C and F double-pipe Dong flutes, and the range of D double-pipe Dong flute is a1-e4.

In terms of timbre, it not only maintains the characteristics of the traditional Dong flute, but also the bass range is thick and full, like the timbre of Bawu; the middle range is round and soft, similar to the timbre of the dongxiao; the high range is bright and slender, much like the bangdi. timbre.

The double-pipe Dong flute has extremely rich performance skills. When playing a single part, it can play legato, single spit, double spit, triple spit, lag, glissando, tap, vibrato and arpeggio, etc. Skill. When playing two tones, you can freely express various skills of the bamboo flute in the two parts at the same time.

The double-pipe Dong flute can be used for solo, ensemble or accompaniment. When soloing, you can also play polyphonic melodies. It can play both broad and lyrical tunes, as well as highly skilled cadenza pieces. It is an expressive solo instrument. In the ensemble, it has a distinct personality, and also has the commonality of being integrated with other musical instruments. Due to the strong penetrating power of the double-pipe Dong flute, it is not easy to be overwhelmed by other musical instruments when used in a band, and can be integrated with the sound of various orchestral instruments. As a whole, it has better adaptability.

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The double-pipe Dong flute (pinyin: shuāng guǎn dòng dí), a breath-breathing instrument of the Dong nationality, has been used in professional art performance groups.