The legend of Aichi

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There is such a beautiful legend circulating in the folk about the origin of the name of the Aijie musical instrument.

The legend of Aichi

A long time ago, the merchants on the Silk Road were very good at doing business. They were very active in the Tang Dynasty and were called "Hu people". The so-called huqin is the qin brought by the Hu people from far away Persia. They rode camels all the way, missed their hometown, and sang while playing, bringing this wonderful sound to the Central Plains. There was a young man in the caravan named Aichi. One day, he came to Chang'an with the caravan, and was deeply attracted by the prosperous Chang'an city.

At noon, he felt hungry in his stomach. He walked to the Drum Tower and suddenly saw a restaurant run by a barbarian. The owner was actually an exceptionally beautiful young girl. The two fell in love at first sight, and the girl told him that when you go to Persia next time, don't forget to bring a huqin back. The sound of the instrument is very nice, and she likes it very much. The young Aijie remembered the girl's instructions, and when he and the caravan returned to Persia, he went to the market to buy a huqin, and returned to the caravan full of joy.

However, on the way back, he unfortunately fell ill and died. Before he died, he instructed his companions to take Hu Qin to Chang'an and hand it over to the girl. After traveling through mountains and rivers to reach Chang'an, the partners gave Huqin to the girl. The grieving girl was holding a huqin in her hand, and tears were falling like rain. In order to commemorate her sweetheart, the girl borrowed her lover's name and called Huqin Aijie. From then on, in an alley of Chang'an Drum Tower, Aijie's sad piano can be heard all day long.

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The high-pitched Aijie (pinyin: gāo yīn ài jié kè) is a kind of Uyghur and Uzbek bowed and stringed musical instruments, Aijie. Has a fresh, bright and rich sound.

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In the process of spreading, Aijie has been continuously enriched and developed, and formed a variety of different types. Divided by the main strings, there are one string, two strings and three strings Aijie. In terms of regions, there are Doran Ayce and Hami Ayce. In addition to the traditional Aiji, there are also reformed new Aiji and Bass Aiji. Although there are many varieties and different shapes, they are the most commonly used musical instruments in Uyghur folk bands.
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