My Motherland(zhongyinsheng sheet music)

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My Motherland(zhongyinsheng sheet music) My Motherland(zhongyinsheng sheet music) My Motherland(zhongyinsheng sheet music) My Motherland is organized by 凉凉月色 on 2022-03-01,You can use Zhongyinsheng to play; Through the music score provided by us, you will be able to master it skillfully and become a member of everyone.
"My Motherland" consists of three symphonic poems, originally written in 1960-1964, the score was lost during the "Cultural Revolution", the first and second movements were rewritten in 1976, and the third movement was rewritten in 1989. The first movement "Prelude "Yong Xue" and the second movement "Hero's Poem "Loushan Pass" all outstandingly express Chairman Mao's poems "Qinyuan Spring Snow" and "Recalling Qin'e Loushan Pass" The grand feelings in. The third movement "Ballet "Reminiscence, Prospect and Advance" has a more lofty vision and mind for the motherland to cherish the history, look forward to the future, and strive forward. The march in the middle cites the mass song "Forward under the Banner of Victory" .
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The middle tone Sheng (pinyin: zhōng yīn shēng) is a kind of Sheng, and the most commonly used traditional Sheng is 17 springs. After the liberation, new varieties such as amplifying sheng, plus key sheng, turntable sheng, low-pitched sheng and row sheng were successfully trial-produced, with a variety of reeds.


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There are three forms of alto Sheng commonly used. In Suzhou, there is an alto Baosheng, an alto Taiwan sheng, and a Beijing-style alto taisheng.
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Because the Beijing-style arrangement of the alto sheng is similar to that of the 36-reed high-pitched square dou sheng, the pitch rises from the inside to the outside, so it is easier to get started. And his range is relatively low, in application, it overlaps less with the high-pitched sheng, and can have the effect of part of the low-pitched sheng. It is quite useful for small and medium-sized orchestras. The only drawback is that it is not easy to see the conductor, and it is not easy to be seen by the audience.
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There are many kinds of alto sheng, some are the traditional sheng, and some are the elongated version of the 36-reed sheng. But at present, the alto sheng improved by the principle of reed is the most commonly used. That is to say, no bamboo saplings are used, but all copper resonance tubes, so they look golden.
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