The Crooked Moon (Flute)(dizi sheet music)

Organized by 亦寒 on 2023-03-17
The Crooked Moon (Flute)(dizi sheet music) The Crooked Moon (Flute) is organized by 亦寒 on 2023-03-17,You can use Dizi to play; Through the music score provided by us, you will be able to master it skillfully and become a member of everyone.
Distant night sky, there is a curved moon, curved moon below, is the curved bridge, the bridge next to......
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Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.


Organized by 迷雾风暴 on 2023-03-24
On March 21, there was a melodious and beautiful sound of flutes in the gymnasium of Nanfang Primary School in Linyou County, with applause rising one after another... Everyone was immersed in the wonderful music. Here is a grand ceremony for the donation of Ma Xiao's bamboo flute, "Long Rhyme of the Bamboo Flute, Sunshine Assisting Students".
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Organized by 日记里的汤姆 on 2023-02-17
On February 16, the "new sound of bamboo flute" national concert was held in Tianjin Concert Hall, with the famous conductor Dong Junjie as the conductor and the national orchestra of Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, and Gao Xu Oxford as the flute solo.
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Organized by 赵锦辛 on 2022-12-21
"Although very tired, but dripping dripping", Tan Weihai still felt more than enough after playing bamboo flute for netizens for 3 hours in @Tan Weihai Dixiao studio. As a patient with congenital visual nerve atrophy, Tan Weihai's world is dark, but he lets more people see him by playing bamboo flute.
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Organized by 长乐 on 2022-12-19
On the evening of December 14, the 28th "Autumn of Chengdu" Chengdu International Music Season -- the special concert of Chinese Music School Chinese Orchestra arrived as scheduled.
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Organized by Eno Elvis on 2022-10-24
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