Akendonbula and the Yi Nationality Dasanxian Play
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The video is played by Akendon Bula and the Yi nationality sanxian. The musical instruments of the two ethnic groups express their yearning for life and the feeling of national unity.

Involving the artist

Mureal Bimlati is a postgraduate student and a professional teacher of Dongbula in the Conservatory of Music.
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Involving musical instruments

The Yi Dasanxian (pinyin yí zú dà sān xián) is composed of a resonator, a headstock, a qin rod, a peg, a qin horse, a tie-string and a qin string. During traditional festivals, people will dress up in costumes and gather together to sing and dance.
Akendumbra (pinyin: ā kěn dōng bù lā) is a Kazakh plucked stringed musical instrument. The Kazakh language "Aken" means "folk singer". Akendumbra is a tombula commonly used by folk singers when they play and sing.

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Speaking of Toli County, many friends around me may not be very familiar with it. Toli County is located in the geographical heart of Eurasia, which is the farthest place from Eurasia to the sea
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Dutar's voice should be smaller; Dongbra's playing is playing and picking, generally playing for rebeating, picking for tapping, and Dutar playing or picking or picking, or picking or sweeping; The handle is longer; Dongbra is of Kazakh ethnicity, and Dutar is of Uyghur ethnicity.
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If you want to understand the culture of a region, the most direct way is to appreciate the music and dance with local characteristics. There are many ethnic musical instruments in Xinjiang. The following introduces the common plucked instruments in Xinjiang.
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Zhang Shan, a doctoral student of music anthropology at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, spent more than 6 years immersed in the Kazakh pastoral areas of Xinjiang, studying, researching and arranging Kazakh folk music, and disseminating grassland music to the outside world. charm.
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Dongbula, also known as Dongbula and Dongbula, is a traditional plucked instrument in Central Asia, especially popular among Kazakhs in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang. Its origin, there is a beautiful folk tale.
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