Folk music piece "Shake Debaiasl"

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The folk song "Yao Debai Aser" is from the album "Chinese Music Map: Listening to Inner Mongolia Ma Tou Qin and Chao Er Music Collection"

Yaodebai Asier

Folk music ethnic group: Mongolian region: Chahar, Inner Mongolia

Chahar Heili: Hai Rihan

"Asr" is a colloquial abbreviation for "Asruwender" in Mongolian, originally meaning "extremely high". It now refers to a traditional instrumental music that originated from the Mongolian court banquets of the Yuan Dynasty and has been passed down to this day, widely circulated in the Xilingol Chahar region. The original "Asr" was mostly adapted from songs used to praise the great achievements of the Holy Lord Genghis Khan, or to express gratitude to heaven, earth, and parents. It was often used as the opening song for banquets or as an interlude for performances.

Chahar Heili refers to a type of five degree fixed string horsehead qin commonly found in the Chahar region of Xilingol. The string notes, filled with ancient charm, played through the method of pentatonic tuning and overtones, once echoed among the towering Aobao groups on the wilderness, traversed the magnificent palace buildings, and accompanied by the moving singing of ups and downs at many grand wedding banquets. The Chahar music culture, formed through the integration of multiple elements, has been passed down through generations of Mongolian people and has been passed down on the vast grasslands for hundreds of years.

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"Qinglian Yuefu", as a shining pearl in Chinese classical music, not only carries rich historical and cultural connotation, but also embodies the essence of ancient Chinese music art.
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