Liu Yuxin's music and art of the Miao three-eyed flute

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Changjiao Miao lives in the southwest of Zhijin County, Guizhou Province. The living environment is steep mountains and gloomy jungles. The melody played by this xiao is very expressive, especially when young men and women are in love, they use it to play a question and answer to convey their feelings to each other, and the lingering feelings are like telling a story. Therefore, it is a veritable "microphone" for Miao compatriots, especially young men and women, and an indispensable instrument for young Miao men and women to sing duet to the moon and love songs.

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Sanyanxiao (pinyin: sān yǎn xiāo), a characteristic national musical instrument, is unique to the long-horned Miao, an important branch of the Miao ethnic group. It is mostly found in Zhijin County and Liuzhi County, Guizhou Province. famous.

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Since 2016, Huadong Primary School in A Gong Town, Zhijin County has introduced the three-eye flute course into the classroom, instructing students to learn to play and make the three-eye flute, in order to inherit the intangible cultural heritage. ​​
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Sanyanxiao is a unique self-made musical instrument played by young men and women in love affairs. It is named because it has only three sound holes.
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The three-eyed flute is played with the mouth containing the top fork, the chin close to the oblique mouth, the middle finger of the left pressing the first hole, the middle finger of the right pressing the second hole, the thumb pressing the back hole, and blowing air into the fork to vibrate the reed to pronounce.
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Huadong Primary School integrated the three-eyed flute into the classroom, and the intangible cultural heritage was passed on by Yang Ming, the intangible heritage inheritor, who taught the fifth-grade and above students to play and make the three-eyed flute.
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At the Yelanggu Small Theater in Huaxi, Guiyang, Miao musician Xiong Tiankun held a three-eyed flute sharing session. The special bamboo national musical instrument of Suojia Township, Liuzhi Special Economic Zone was shown to everyone.
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