sanyanxiao operating guide

Sanyanxiao is a Miao ethnic group living in Huadong, Zhongzhai, Potoushang, Lizhongdi in Agong Town, Zhijin County, and Pingzhai, Anhang, Dashuichong, etc. (hmongb rongf)”] In social life, especially young men and women play a unique self-made musical instrument in the occasion of falling in love. It is named because it has only three sound holes. ". This three-eyed flute is sha...
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The three-eyed flute is played with the mouth with the fork at the top, the chin close to the oblique mouth, the middle finger of the left pressing the first hole, the middle finger of the right pressing the second hole, the thumb pressing the back hole, blowing air into the fork to vibrate the reed to pronounce, closing the opening The sound hole is formed into a rhythm, the barrel sound is no...
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