Love on the Pearl River, Gao Hu by Yu Qiwei

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Yu Qiwei's Gao Hu performance in "Love in the Pearl River" is from the folk music album "Chinese Music Masters Classic Yu Qiwei".

Album: Chinese music master famous classic Yu Qiwei

Performance: Yu Qiwei


Language: Pure music

Record Company: Beijing Magnetic International Media Co., LTD

Type of record: Studio album

Involving the artist

Yu Qiwei, male, Han nationality, born in 1953 from Kaiping, Guangdong. Member of China Musicians Association. In 1972, he majored in Gaohu at Guangdong People's Art Institute.
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Involving musical instruments

It is the abbreviation of "Treble Erhu". Its shape, structure, bowing technique, and playing symbols used are the same as those of Erhu, except that the qin barrel (resonance box) is slightly smaller than that of erhu, and part of the qin barrel is usually sandwiched between two legs. play.

Involving news

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Gaohu is a musical instrument, which is the abbreviation of "high-pitched erhu". Its shape, structure, bowing technique and technique, as well as the playing symbols used, are all the same as those of erhu, except that the qin barrel (sound box) is slightly smaller than that of erhu. The legs are played with a part of the violin tube in between.
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The way of playing the gaohu in Cantonese music was first adopted by Mr. Lu Wencheng, a master of Cantonese music. At first, the leading instrument of Cantonese music was not the gaohu, but the "two strings", which resembled the larger Jinghu.
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The gaohu is a high-pitched stringed instrument, so its timbre is crisp and bright, and it is good at expressing lyrical, cheerful and gorgeous melodies; while the erhu has a softer timbre and is a bass instrument, which is more suitable for performing sad melodies. Generally speaking: the voice of the gaohu is a little sharper, the voice of the erhu is a little thicker, the timbre of the gaohu is higher than that of the erhu, and the gaohu has the characteristics of strong Cantonese music.
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Gaohu is a high-pitched stringed instrument. Its shape, structure, bowing technique, and playing symbols are the same as those of the erhu, except that the qin barrel (resonance box) is slightly smaller than that of the erhu. .
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Zhang Jiawei, a huqin performer from the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, held a special Huqin music exchange at the small theater of the Taijiang District Cultural Center. At the scene, in the style of a talk show, he gave everyone 7 Huqin instruments in one breath: the Erquanqin specially tailored for the performance of "Erquan Reflecting the Moon", the coconut shell made of coconut shells for the speaker, and the Jinghu, Zhonghu, Erhu, Guangdong Gaohu, Xiqin.
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