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Gaohu Gaohu (pinyin: gāo hú) is the abbreviation of "high-pitched erhu". Its shape, structure, bowing technique and skills, as well as the playing symbols used are the same as those of erhu, but the qin barrel (sound box) is slightly smaller than that of erhu, and is commonly used. Play with a part of the piano between the legs.

Gaohu is a high-pitched stringed instrument. In the band, Gaohu is notated according to the actual pitch, and its tuning is higher than the erhu by a pure fifth or a pure fourth. In the commonly used range, its timbre is clear and clear, suitable for playing graceful, lyrical and beautiful. Lively tune, and often form an octave with the erhu.

The gaohu was reformed on the basis of the erhu, so the structure, production and materials of the gaohu are the same as the basic hutong of the erhu. Its barrel is smaller than that of Erhu, and its tuning is four to five degrees higher than that of Erhu, so it is called Gaohu.

Solo pieces created in modern times include "Double Voice Hate", "Rain Beats Plantains", "Birds Throwing in the Forest", "Pinghu Autumn Moon" and so on.
  • Chinese name:Gaohu
  • nickname:Cantonese Hu
  • category:soprano stringed instrument
  • Pinyin:gāo hú

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