Origin of Gaohu

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Gaohu is a high-pitched stringed instrument. Its shape, structure, bowing technique, and playing symbols are the same as those of the erhu, except that the qin barrel (resonance box) is slightly smaller than that of the erhu. 

Origin of Gaohu

Gaohu is a collective name for "high-pitched erhu", which is restructured on the basis of erhu. The production of gaohu is closely related to Guangdong music, a Chinese folk music.

"Guangdong music" is a popular form of folk instrumental music performance in Guangdong, China, which originated from local local drama and folk music.

At first, there was no such instrument in Cantonese music. Around the 1920s, Mr. Lu Wencheng, a composer and performer of "Guangdong Music", made a bold reform of the erhu. He changed the traditional erhu's silk strings to steel wires. This kind of high-pitched erhu with clear and bright tone was called gaohu, and soon became the soul instrument in "Cantonese music".

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It is the abbreviation of "Treble Erhu". Its shape, structure, bowing technique, and playing symbols used are the same as those of Erhu, except that the qin barrel (resonance box) is slightly smaller than that of erhu, and part of the qin barrel is usually sandwiched between two legs. play.

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