Niu Tau Xun "Send a Kiss"
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Niu Tau Xun played "Send a Pro", "Send a Pro" is a song written and composed by Wang Qi and sung by Wang Qi. It was released on October 11, 2019. Included in the album of the same name "Send a Pro".

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Niuwawu (Pinyin: ní wa wū), also known as Niu Tau Xun, Wa Wo Zi, Niu Chuchu, Chuuzi, Nixuan, Niu Xun, Ah Ouzi, Ni Niu Xun and Niu Jiao Xiao, edge-edge air-sounding instruments , popular in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

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"Niu Tau Xun", the range is within the fifth, the scale arrangement is 12345, and it can play some simple and slow tunes.
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In 1984, at the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Folk Artist Showcase, Ding Chengcai, an old Hui artist, played a piece of music with the flavor of the Hui people reciting the Koran with Niutouxun, which was unique and refreshing.
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Niutouxun is simple to make, easy to obtain and popular. Children between the ages of seven and eight to eleven and twelve in the Hui area, like to play with clay to make "Niutouxun".
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Niutouxun, a folk musical instrument of the Hui nationality, commonly known as "wow" or "mud flute" by the Hui people, is a small folk musical instrument made of yellow clay with strong adhesion and durability. It was called "xun" in ancient times.
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The mud wah evolved from an earthen musical instrument, and is named after the sound "woo woo wah" blown out. The modified mud wow is in the shape of a bull's head, with two horns running across the top and hollow. There are three kinds of large, medium and small, respectively, high, medium and low, the total range of f-f2, including all semitones.
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