[Uyghur Folk Song] "Shirinjan/Sweet You" Rewapu Plays and Sings - Gu Zaili
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Uyghur folk songs are extremely rich, and their content can be divided into two parts: traditional folk songs and new folk songs. Folk songs are the reflection of the people's aspirations. Traditional folk songs include love songs, labor songs, historical songs, life customs songs and other categories. But its spiritual essence is basically "rejoice in bitterness". This video is played by Gu Zaili, a Uyghur girl. She has lived in Xinjiang since she was a child and is a teacher of the musical instrument Rewapu. She hopes that more friends can know the rewap, which is a rendition of the instrument. The video has been played more than 14,000 times so far, and its rendition of Rewapu is very good.

Involving the artist

Gu Zaili is a Uyghur girl. Gu Zaili participated in the Avenue of Stars program on November 29, 2014 and performed on the spot.
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Involving musical instruments

Rewapu (pinyin: rè wǎ pǔ) is a stringed instrument played by the Uyghur and Uzbeks. The popular Kashgar Rewapu has a total length of 130 cm. Rewapu originated in Kashgar, southern Xinjiang. It is not only a favorite musical instrument of the Uyghurs, but also a plucked musical instrument favored by ethnic minorities such as the Tajiks and Uzbeks.

Involving news

Organized by 小饼干 on 2022-06-30
In this event, 20 student representatives and 7 teacher representatives from Turpan Experimental Middle School came to Changsha No. 1 Middle School Jinshanqiao School to visit the Lei Feng Memorial Hall with the teachers and students of the school.
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If you want to understand the culture of a region, the most direct way is to appreciate the music and dance with local characteristics. There are many ethnic musical instruments in Xinjiang. The following introduces the common plucked instruments in Xinjiang.
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Organized by 山霁 on 2022-03-09
Aksu intangible cultural heritage introduction, red canyons, green forests, yellow deserts, blue lakes, golden Populus euphratica, white snow-capped mountains, a variety of colors are intertwined in this magical land.
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Rewapu's speakers are hemispherical, excavated from a single piece of mulberry wood, and covered with sheepskin or donkey skin.
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The types of heatwaps are: Allera heatwaps, shepherd heatwaps, and jemer heatwaps, Andil heatwaps, Lonno heatwaps, Dolangewapus, Hami heatwaps, Hami Rewap.
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