Li Chunhua

Organized by 默妍 on 2022-03-23
Introduction to Li Chunhua(hulusi)Master performer,composer,music educator

Li Chunhua, as a young cucurbit player, educator, composer, national first-class actor, known as the prince of Chinese cucurbit, is currently the vice chairman of the Chinese cucurbit Bawu Professional Committee, and the judge of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music cucurbit examination. Hulusi Silica Practical Course", "Professional Hulusi Bawu Basic Course"; recorded the teaching film "How to Play Hulusi Bawu", and many works were broadcast on CCTV Music Channel.

In March 2000, the personal monograph "Hulusi and Bawu Practical Course" was published by Yuanfang Publishing House. In September of the same year, he recorded the solo album "The De'Angshan of the Festival", and in April 2002, the private teaching program "How to Play Hulusi and Bawu" was published by Yunnan Ethnic Culture Audiovisual Publishing House.

Published works include "Hulusi Bawu Instructions", "Hulusi Bawu Playing Guide", "How to Play Hulusi Bawu Well", "How to Play Well Hulusi Bawu Classical Songs", "Hulusi Bawu A Little Bit Knowing", "Happy Hulusi", "Hurricane Bawu" Golden Gourd", "Intoxicating Gourd Silk", "Charming Gourd Orchid" and "Hulusi OK Version".

His creative works include: "Dazzling Time", "Pear Blossom Rain", "Dancing and Dancing", "Snow Lotus Opening", "Wooden Drum Charm", "Qing Qingyu Lake", "Silk Love", "Broken Bridge and Remnant Moon", "Blue Shambhala" ""Flower Man Lou", "Gourd in the Wind", "Gourd Love". Personal performance albums include "Hulusi OK Version", "Golden Gourd", "Happy Hulusi", "Charming Hulusi", "Intoxicating Hulusi", "Tenderness of Silk", "Silk Love", "Hourd Heart Sutra", "Li Chunhua's creation of Hulusi" work".

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Bian Ge is a young Chinese flute player, flute and flute teacher, and music creator. He is good at flute, xiao, xun, ocarina, cucurbit flute, bawu and other wind instruments.
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Feng Yu, director of the Hulusi Bawu Professional Committee of the Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society; examiner of the National Social Artistic Proficiency Examination Committee of the Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society; president of the Sichuan Hulusi Research Association; under the tutelage of the famous cucurbit flute artist Mr. Li Chunhua.
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Xi Li Hanle, a young cucurbit player, vice president of Xishuangbanna cucurbit Bawu Association.
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He Yuan is a national first-class performer, composer and music producer of the China Broadcasting Art Troupe.
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Ding Xiaokui is a young wind musician of the Central Chinese Orchestra.
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Hulusi (pinyin: hú lu sī), also known as "calabash flute", is a musical instrument of ethnic minorities in Yunnan. Hulusi originated in Lianghe County, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, and is mainly popular in Dai, Achang, Wa, De'ang and Brown. The Dehong and Lincang areas in Yunnan where ethnic groups live together are rich in local colors.

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Organized by 棠舟 on 2023-03-14
On the morning of March 11, the music was melodious and melodic in the cultural hall of Yantai Huanghai and Bohai New Area, and the Hulusi Art Salon, "Long and beautiful, touching my heart", was successfully held in the vocal music classroom on the second floor. Enthusiastic art lovers express their love for a better life by playing cucurbit flute and feel the unique charm of music class.
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Organized by 晚荣 on 2023-02-24
Solo, ensemble, ensemble... Recently, there was a melodious sound of Hulusi and bursts of applause in the Xin Space of Caohejing Street. A meeting between Hulusi fans and "idols" was in progress.
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Organized by 晚荣 on 2022-12-16
On December 11th, the hulusi training activity sponsored by the Publicity Department of Yiwu Municipal Committee and co-organized by Chengxi Street Cultural Hall was held in the Xiayan Village Cultural Hall of Chengxi Street.
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Organized by 汾酒 on 2022-12-08
Ni Kaihong, member of the Third Youth Federation of Dehong Prefecture, examiner of Social Art Level Examination of Yunnan Arts University, President of Hulusi Association of Lianghe County.
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Organized by 象牙山首富 on 2022-12-07
Recently, Taizhou City and Taixing City 18 years old rite of passage demonstration activities were held in Taixing Gymnasium. The students of Jiangsu Taixing Secondary Professional School who have reached the age of 18 step through the adult door together and step into a new stage of life with firm steps.
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