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Introduction to Li Heng(banhu)Master performer,composer,music educator

Professor of the Folk Music Department of the Central Conservatory of Music, Banhu performer, educator, and composer of folk instrumental music. Over the years, he has conducted in-depth research on the performance theory of Banhu, the scientific and systematic basic training, and the creation of national instrumental music works, and has trained Jiang Kemei, Liu Guanting, Ma Dongyan, Niu Changhong, Zhang Xuguang, Cai Yang, Xu Hui, Hu A large number of outstanding banhu performers in the new era, such as Yu, Wang Shu, Li Feng, and Shan Danfeng, have compiled and created a large number of banhu books and works.

"Banhu Performance Art", "Banhu Basic Skill Training", "Basic Banhu Performance Course", "Banhu Teaching Method", "Banhu Basic Course" (teaching CD-ROM), "Chinese National Instrumental Music Expo - Banhu Score", "Easy Nationality" Orchestral Collection", "Chinese National Orchestral Ensemble Collection", etc.

He has created, adapted and published more than 300 pieces of folk instrumental music, the main works are: Banhu Solo, Concerto "Qinchuan Xing", "Yi Shui Xing", "Ballet", "Yuan Wang", "Yimeng Song Theme Capriccio", "Nostalgia", "Chuan Tiao", "Fen Shui Love", "New Songs of Zhuang Township", etc.; Sanxian Concerto, Solo "Hujia Eighteen Beats Theme Capriccio", "Autumn Evening", "The Past"; Pipa and Orchestra "Sword Soul"; Suona Solo "Mountain Wild Love", etc.

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Shan Danfeng, a native of Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, China, a young huqin performer, a young film and television actor, a member of the Erhu Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, a master of banhu art from the Central Conservatory of Music, and a professional teacher of erhu and banhu in the Art College of Yantai University.
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Su Min, the first female banhu player in China, a famous huqin player, studied under the master of huqin performance Liu Mingyuan, a national first-class performer, and a performer of the Beijing Chinese Orchestra.
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Jiang Kemei, born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, is a huqin player. He is currently the director and master tutor of the folk music department of Harbin Conservatory of Music.
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Shen Cheng, a famous banhu player, professor and doctoral tutor of China Conservatory of Music, vice president of China National Orchestra Society, president of Popularization of Folk Music Art Committee, vice president of Huqin Professional Committee.
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Banhu (pinyin: bǎn hú) is a kind of stringed instrument with a history of more than 300 years in China. The timbre is high, firm, and has strong penetrating power. It is the main accompaniment instrument for northern opera and rap.

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Organized by 长乐 on 2022-07-12
As the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is about to be held, huqin performer Zhao Duoliang and his performance team actively innovated online and offline performance forms. By interpreting the Banhu ensemble "Flying Rain", they continued to play traditional national movements and helped the dissemination and promotion of national music.
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If there is no banhu in the accompaniment band of Hebei Bangzi, no matter how high-quality the players of other instruments, no matter how strong the lineup, even a symphony orchestra with hundreds of people will still not play the charm of Hebei Bangzi itself.
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Kneading, pressing, sliding, and restraint, pressing, rolling, and panning, pressing and kneading, rolling and rolling, and sliding.
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As the saying goes, a year of flute and two years, and Hu Xian did not listen to three years. It is not difficult to see that learning erhu or board is simple, but it is not a matter of overnight learning. After the kung fu, the kung fu is naturally achieved.
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Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, under the guidance of the correct line of the party, with the rise and improvement of Banhu solo art, a large number of excellent works have emerged.
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