Sun Huang

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Introduction to Sun Huang(erhu)Master performer

Sun Huang, born in Shanghai in September 1981, is a Chinese erhu player. In 1988, he won the first place in the 2nd "Dunhuang Cup" Shanghai Children's Folk Music Competition. In the same year, he won the first place in the "Little Star" Art Gate Grand Prix of Shanghai TV; First place in the Children's Folk Music Competition.

In 1989, he won the first prize in the Folk Music Solo Competition of the Shanghai Culture and Art Festival; after that, he won the first prize in the Shanghai Children's Pipa and Erhu Competition; then, he won the first prize in the 2nd Shanghai Minhang District Children's Instrumental Music Competition; in May, In the 13th "Shanghai Spring" children's special performance as the erhu solo; The 2nd China Art Festival" and served as a soloist.

In 1990, he visited Japan with the Shanghai Children's Palace Little Friends Art Troupe and served as a soloist.

In 1991, he was admitted to the Primary School Attached to Shanghai Conservatory of Music with the first place.

In September 1992, the album "Yinyuan Little Erhushou" was broadcast by Shanghai Radio.

In October 1994, he went to Beijing on behalf of the High School Affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music to participate in the "Outstanding Young Performer in China" concert and served as a soloist; in the same year, he was admitted to the High School Affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music; during this period, he studied under Lin Xinming and Wang Lili of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. .

In October 1995, he won the first prize in the "Tianhua Cup" National Junior Erhu Competition.

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Xiong Qi, Director of the Instrumental Music Teaching and Research Section of the Conservatory of Music of Changsha University, young backbone teacher of ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan Province, double qualified teacher, and national first-class performer; President of Huqin Professional Committee of Hunan Ethnic Orchestra Association.
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Xianyin Erhu is an Erhu master, professional performer and educator. He has his own channel account at station B and has 11,000 fans.
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Huo Xiaojun was born in Tianjin and is a national first-class performer. She began to study erhu at the age of 8. Due to her outstanding performance, she successfully entered the China Opera and Dance Theatre after graduating from university. In 2001, she was invited to join the "Twelve Girls Band" and became "the only member of the group who did not sign a contract". .
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Lu Yiwen, a Chinese erhu player, a young erhu teacher at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, a director of the Erhu Society of the Chinese National Orchestra Society, and the winner of the Golden Bell Award, the highest award of Chinese music, and the Wenhua Award.
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Qi Jianda, male, born in 1954. Jiangsu Nanjing native, Han nationality, erhu performer, educator, national first-class actor.
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Erhu (Pinyin: Erhu) originated in the Tang Dynasty, called "Xiqin", and has a history of more than a thousand years. It is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. Erhu, or Erxian Huqin, also known as "Nanhu" and "Omzi", is one of the main bowed and stringed instruments (wiping strings) in the Chinese national musical instrument family.

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Organized by 山霁 on 2023-03-06
Blue and white porcelain only has blue and white colors, but it shows a clear and noble temperament, showing the great beauty of Chinese style. The erhu has only two strings, and the music played is delicate and euphemistic, hard and soft. The two have the same effect. A cross-border guided concert came into being.
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On the afternoon of February 26, the opening ceremony of the Erhu Education and Training Base of the Yupai Erhu Education and Training Base of Zhumadian Musicians Association and the Erhu Special Concert were grandly held at the First Primary School in Donghedian Town, Pingyu County.
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On February 26, a melodious Erhu concert delivered the charm of Chinese traditional music at the First Primary School in Donghedian Town, Pingyu County, Zhumadian City. The Erhu Education and Teaching Base designated by Zhumadian Musicians Association was officially inaugurated here.
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Have you paid attention to the comparison and comparison of many songs specially made for Erhu, all erhu performance of the main melody is not lower than the inner empty string tone, just like G (Erhu from 3 to 7 are bass notation), the inner empty string is bass 5, how can play a lower than 5 note 3!
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In the early learning period, we must have the right method, can not develop bad habits, it is difficult to correct in the later period, today for you to share the correct rafa Erhu bow.
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