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Danbull is a Uyghur and Uzbek stringed musical instrument. It has a long history, simple shape, beautiful sound and unique local style, and is often used for solo performances. In Chinese historical books, there are translation names such as "Danbuer", "Danbuer" and "Danbuer". Playing Boolean is generally performed in a sitting position, with the right leg on the left leg, the lef...
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Made of mulberry and walnut. The sound box is scoop-shaped and covered with paulownia wood or white pine veneer. piano bar Thin and long. headstock The flat top is unadorned, square column shape, no string groove, and a T-shaped peg on the top. piano bar The surface is a fretboard with winding frets. Zhang metal strings. Due to the difference in the spread of Danbull, it can be di...
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