How to play Boolean and famous songs

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Danbull is a Uyghur and Uzbek stringed musical instrument. It has a long history, simple shape, beautiful sound and unique local style, and is often used for solo performances. In Chinese historical books, there are translation names such as "Danbuer", "Danbuer" and "Danbuer".

How to play Boolean and famous songs

Playing Boolean is generally performed in a sitting position, with the right leg on the left leg, the left hand holding the qin in an oblique position, the headstock facing the upper left, and the resonance box on the right leg near the abdomen.

The right wrist is in contact with the pad, the palm is close to the bridge, and the strike point is between the horse and the upper 3 cm. In the vast areas of northern and eastern Xinjiang, the wire finger pluck is tied to the first joint of the index finger of the right hand, and it can be played on the main string in one direction, and can be plucked back and forth on the string.
In southern Xinjiang, horns or plastic picks are used instead of wire picks. The left hand uses the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to press the strings, and the thumb is also used occasionally when playing chords. According to the needs of the music, it can move up and down freely and change the position. The playing skills are rich and varied. The right hand has strumming, strong strumming, plucking, double strumming, rolling strumming, arpeggios and sweeping strumming, etc. The left hand has flat pressing, pulling strings, ascending and descending pitch, up and down vibrato, percussion, overtone and rubbing, etc. .

The more famous solo pieces are "Aijam", "Lin Pate", "Three Geese", "Saba", "Motherland is a Garden" and "Song for Mother".

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Tanbull (pinyin: tán bù ěr) is a stringed instrument played by the Uyghur and Uzbeks. The range is wide, the tone is crisp, and it is full of rich national style. Often used for solo, ensemble or accompaniment.

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The boolean body is made of wood, and the speakers are small and scoop-shaped. The body of the violin is slender, with silk strings wound into more than 16 to 20 grades. There are five steel strings, the inner second string and the outer second string are tuned to the same tone, and the middle string is in a fifth relationship. The sound range is wide, the timbre is crisp and rich in national style. Often used for solo, ensemble or accompaniment, it is one of the main instruments of "Maxhrop" and classical music "Twelve Muqam".
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