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boolean Tanbull (pinyin: tán bù ěr) is a stringed instrument played by the Uyghur and Uzbeks. The range is wide, the tone is crisp, and it is full of rich national style. Often used for solo, ensemble or accompaniment.

The shape of Danbull is like a gourd water scoop with a long handle. It consists of a sound box, headstock, piano rods, pegs, horses and strings (pictured). Made of mulberry and walnut. The sound box is scoop-shaped and covered with paulownia wood or white pine veneer. The stem is slender and long, the top is the head, the flat top is unadorned, square-column-shaped, with no string grooves, and a T-shaped peg on the top.

Playing Boolean is generally performed in a sitting position, with the right leg on the left leg, the left hand holding the qin in an oblique position, the headstock facing the upper left, and the resonance box on the right leg near the abdomen. The right wrist is in contact with the pad, the palm is close to the bridge, and the strike point is between the horse and the upper 3 cm.
  • Chinese name:boolean
  • pop nation:Uyghur, Uzbek
  • main material:mulberry, walnut

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