three-stringed piano history

The sanxian, also known as the sanxian, is a plucked instrument. There is a special guqin in the old site of the Liuping branch in Wushan of the Communist Party of China. During the Long March, local party organizations used it to send signals to the outside world to cover the safe passage of the Red Army through Wushan. According to historical records, this guqin has been handed ...
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In the Qin Dynasty, it was called "Xian Tuo". Mao Qiling of the Qing Dynasty believed that the sanxian evolved from the Qin Dynasty musical instrument Xiantu. "Xihe Cihua": "Sanxian originated in the Qin Dynasty. It was originally a system of thirty drums and drums, but it was changed in shape and easy to sound. It was called drums and drums. During the Tang Dynasty, music people were often used t...
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