three-stringed piano operating guide

The three-string playing method is to sit and play, place the body on the right thigh, hold the neck with the left hand and press the handle, and the body is at a 45-degree angle. According to the different sizes of the sanxian, usually the small sanxian is played with a plectrum, and the big sanxian is played with false nails. The sound of the three strings is dry and the volume is loud. ...
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Zhang Sangenxian, hence the name "Sanxian". Divided into head, neck and body. The neck is the fingerboard, which is relatively long. The body of the violin is covered with snakeskin on both sides. In the 1920s, the addition of the sanxian appeared, but it was not popular. The sanxian in the north is generally 122 cm long and is called "big sanxian", while the southern sanxian is generally 95 cm lo...
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