Banhu ensemble "Flying in the Rain" plays a traditional national movement and contributes to national music

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As the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is about to be held, huqin performer Zhao Duoliang and his performance team actively innovated online and offline performance forms. By interpreting the Banhu ensemble "Flying Rain", they continued to play traditional national movements and helped the dissemination and promotion of national music.

The Banhu ensemble "Flying Rain" is a National Art Fund project approved by the School of Music and Media of Shenyang University. The project team relies on "Flying Rain" to appear on CCTV and various provincial and municipal TV stations for many times, using music as a medium to spread China The unique charm of traditional culture.

Banhu ensemble

The Banhu Ensemble "Flying Rain" was composed by huqin performer and educator Zhao Duoliang. He combined the dynamic elements of western music with fresh and unique folk music. Based on traditional banhu, he integrated the characteristics of modern and popular jazz music. The cultural theme of "into the world" shows the charm of traditional Chinese music. The music is played with a relatively high-pitched and bright banhu. Through the form of ensemble, it shows the enthusiasm and joy of the scene with flexible and jumping notes. The performance team of "Flying Rain" has tried the form of ancient style performances in many performances, showing the charm of Chinese folk music in the beautiful and simple traditional cultural mood.

The Banhu Ensemble "Flying Rain" boldly explores the stage performance, pursues the combination of Eastern and Western music aesthetic tastes, and shows the individual timbre of Chinese folk music; the performance team innovates the performance form, and presents the audience with another performance by performing on the online platform. An audio-visual feast of exquisite performance of traditional folk music.

In the past two years, "Flying Rain" has been performed many times as an important performance piece in the 2021 "Liaoning Province Famous Famous Song Series" online concert, Bilibili website, CCTV and other platforms. True feelings play the sonorous voice of the Chinese nation. The performance of "Flying Rain" allows online audiences to enjoy the enjoyment of traditional Chinese music and feel its charm. At the same time, it deepens their cognition and understanding of the cultural heritage of Chinese traditional music for thousands of years, and plays a patriotic message for more young audiences. Hua Zhang.

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《雨飞舞》 以乐为媒

Involving musical instruments

Banhu (pinyin: bǎn hú) is a kind of stringed instrument with a history of more than 300 years in China. The timbre is high, firm, and has strong penetrating power. It is the main accompaniment instrument for northern opera and rap.

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Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, under the guidance of the correct line of the party, with the rise and improvement of Banhu solo art, a large number of excellent works have emerged.
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In order to fully implement the State Council's guiding opinions on the development of social organizations and implement the tasks assigned by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the China Social Arts Association established the China Social Arts Association Artistic Proficiency Examination Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Grade Examination Committee). Experts and professors in various social art industries across the country have created a grading system for China's social art level. In line with the purpose of "promoting national culture, popularizing social art education, developing my country's cultural and artistic undertakings, and improving the cultural and artistic literacy of the whole people", the grading examination committee organizes, regulates and coordinates the national social art assessment work.
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Banhu, a kind of stringed instrument, has a history of more than 300 years in China and has various names, such as Qinhu, Huhu, Bangzihu, Daxian and so on. The timbre is high, firm, and has strong penetrating power. It is the main accompaniment instrument for northern opera and rap, and can also be used for ensemble and solo.
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