"Dream Chasing Veteran" Jiao Huxing: a "drum" and "sound" world-renowned

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Jiao Huxing is the "drum owner" of Hebei Good Hope Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It has been professionally making drums for 18 years. Before that, he was a soldier, and his military career has created his conscientious and responsible character. After returning to his hometown, he devoted himself to the manufacturing industry of national percussion instruments. a brand.

"Look, these are 10,000 sets of drums customized by the army, and the waist error of each drum is within 1 mm." "And these drums were purchased from the 'Village Comprehensive Cultural Activity Room' project of the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture, and have been continuously I have placed an order with us in 2012." Jiao Huxing introduced his products to us. He said that ethnic drums are also called Chinese drums. They mainly focus on two series of brands: "Cape of Good Hope" and "Drum Sea". They include extra-large war drums, professional flower pot drums, plate drums, high-pitched war drums and various kinds of brass sounds such as gongs, cymbals, cymbals, and cymbals. There are all kinds of musical instruments, and various ethnic minority percussion instruments are processed and developed, with an annual output of 500,000 musical instruments. The price of "Cape of Good Hope" drums is much higher than that of its peers, but "Cape of Good Hope" has occupied most of the country's national drum market. In the domestic percussion industry, the "Cape of Good Hope" instrument has become synonymous with professionalism and high-end.

Walking into the "Cape of Good Hope", which covers an area of 30 acres, each drum-making process is carried out in an orderly manner in the 7 major workshops: assembling, cutting, assembling, polishing, skinning, painting, packaging, and each major process is detailed. into multiple small processes. It takes about 16 processes from a piece of wood to a drum. "The raw materials for making drums are very critical. We use dried imported Russian birch, which is thick and durable. The drum head is made of high-quality cowhide without adding any chemical raw materials. Each drum is guaranteed to be durable and the sound is thick and pure. "It is this attitude of being "real" in terms of quality that has made Jiao Huxing's determination to move forward.

For more than ten years, Jiao Huxing didn't want to walk too fast, he just wanted to keep his steps steady. "Quality is the life of an enterprise. Each drum not only represents the pros and cons of the 'Cape of Good Hope' brand, but also a window to showcase Chinese national percussion instruments." In Jiao Huxing's heart, he has always had a dream of the world, "The craftsmanship of Chinese drums must be We must not lose to Western instruments, and let the national percussion instruments shine on the world stage.”

In recent years, the "Cape of Good Hope" musical instrument has frequently appeared on the stage of national and even international large-scale events. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the premiere of the large-scale drum musical "Drumming up the Chinese Dream", "Avenue of Stars", the Edinburgh Arts Festival in the United Kingdom, and the Shanghai World Expo, all have the "Cape of Good Hope" drum shining.

From a small workshop without even decent drum-making equipment to a professional high-end production base of ethnic drums and ethnic percussion instruments, Jiao Huxing has never forgotten his identity as a retired soldier. "They are all brothers who have served in the army. I also hope that I can do something for them!" Jiao Huxing also actively led other retired soldiers and poor households in the village to get rich together while starting his own business. In his drum field, there are ten A retired soldier, all of them are a good drum maker. At present, Jiao Huxing's Cape of Good Hope is a well-known employment and entrepreneurship base for retired soldiers in Raoyang County. As a major drum maker, he actively helps every retired soldier who wants to learn drumming; as the person in charge of the Folk Music Entrepreneurship Incubation Base, In our county's folk music business incubation base, a special area for veterans is specially set up to provide entrepreneurial guidance and help veterans realize their own business.

At present, Cape of Good Hope is the president unit of China Percussion Music Association, the standard-setting unit of China National Drums, the production base of national drums of China Percussion Music Association, the governing unit of China Musical Instrument Association, and the advanced unit of China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association in 2019. Jiao Huxing is now also Served as secretary-general of Raoyang County National Musical Instrument Association. Looking forward to the future, Jiao Huxing has a light in his eyes, "It is my life's mission to excavate and inherit the Chinese drum culture..."

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Big drum (Sanskrit name dundubhi) musical instrument name. A kind of percussion instrument, also known as Taiko and Tanggu, is also the most frequently used percussion instrument. That is, a hollow wooden cylinder is covered with leather for percussion instruments. The exterior color of the drum body is mostly red, and a few are black and wood color. The bass drum is struck by a single drumstick, called the big drumstick, with a head that can be used on both sides and is covered with wool or felt. Usually when struck, it is between the center of the drum and the rim of the drum, and the center of the drum is only used for short and fast hits (staccato) and special effects.

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