The 4th "Liaoyuan Pipa Culture and Art Week" spreads the beauty of Pipa to the world

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On the night of early autumn, accompanied by the gentle breeze, the 4th "Liaoyuan Pipa Culture and Art Week" and the 4th "Liaoyuan Pipa Culture and Art Week" hosted by the Liaoyuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Pipa Professional Committee of the Chinese National Orchestra Society, and the Propaganda Department of the Liaoyuan Municipal Party Committee and the Xianshun Pipa School The Liaoyuan City Festival kicked off on August 15 at Nanrendong Square, a new city in the south of Liaoyuan City. The opening ceremony was presided over by Cheng Weibo, Member of the Standing Committee of the Liaoyuan Municipal Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department.

The 4th

At the opening ceremony, Liaoyuan Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Cheng Yu said that Liaoyuan is a unique "Hometown of Chinese Pipa". Over the years, Liaoyuan Pipa has set the Guinness World Record, entered the Vienna Golden Hall, and the Xianshun Pipa School has cultivated a large number of high-end Pipa talents. Every Liaoyuan Pipa Art Week, a group of well-known Pipa artists perform on stage, attracting many Pipa lovers to compete for their talents and creating a nationally renowned cultural brand. This year's Pipa Art Week, with the theme of "Liaoshui Yupa Yin, Charming New Liaoyuan", will arrange a series of performances, evening parties, forums and lectures. I believe this art feast will be full of highlights. Reputation will get a new boost.

Liaoyuan Municipal Party Secretary Chai Wei announced the opening of the 4th "Liaoyuan Pipa Culture and Art Week". After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests watched the theatrical performance together. The opening ceremony was performed by Jilin Province Song and Dance Troupe, Liaoyuan City Art Troupe, Dongliao County Shanxing Art Troupe and Xianshun Pipa School to present wonderful theatrical performances to the public. Wait for the artist to help out.

A hundred-person pipa performance "Jasmine Flower" shocked the opening, reciting "Pipa Xing", pipa master playing "House of Flying Daggers", a hundred-person pipa singing and dancing "Sing a Folk Song for the Party" and other repertoires to lead the audience to reminisce about the classics and feel the art Cultivate sentiment.

It is understood that the Pipa Cultural Festival held every three years in Liaoyuan City and the National Pipa Competition have become important for Liaoyuan City to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, promote the brand of Jilin culture to go out, and expand the influence of Liaoyuan as the "Hometown of Chinese Pipa". Decision to deploy. To this end, Liaoyuan City offers school-based pipa courses. The number of pipa students in the city exceeds 20,000. Every year, nearly 300 young children and primary school students come to the pipa campus to learn pipa skills, laying a solid foundation for backup talents to consolidate the "hometown of pipa in China". .

It is reported that this "Liaoyuan Pipa Culture and Art Week" will last until August 18. During the art week, it will provide a platform for Pipa elites from all over the country to compete and compete, and provide a variety of Pipa performances to the general public.

The 4th

The month-long 4th Liaoyuan City Festival also officially opened on the evening of August 15. This year's City Festival highlights national celebrations and benefits for the whole people, focusing on "promoting consumption, promoting culture, and benefiting people's livelihood", and designed a top 100 brand exhibition, a special cultural exhibition, China International Socks Fair, second-hand housing, and boutique auto exhibitions. , the first country camping festival and other 40 activities.

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Pipa (pinyin: pí pa), the first plucked instrument, is a traditional plucked instrument in East Asia, a plucked stringed musical instrument. Made of wood or bamboo, the speaker is half-pear-shaped and has four strings on the top. It was originally made of silk thread, but now it is mostly made of steel wire, steel rope and nylon.

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