Yao Guang: Students are the most beautiful notes of folk music inheritance

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The sound of the bamboo flute blew out an elegant style and a fresh charm. As the oldest and most primitive musical instrument with a history of more than 7,000 years, the flute has the most graceful and elegant timbre, making everyone who has listened to it immersed in the melodious and peaceful world of music.

Yao Guang, a national second-level performer, graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music with a bachelor’s degree, and graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music with a master’s degree. Member of China National Orchestra Association, vice president of Bamboo Flute Society of Hunan Music Association, vice president of Bamboo Flute Professional Committee of Hunan National Orchestra Society... For 15 years, Yao Guang has used his bamboo flute to serve students in vocational education. Weaving dreams and playing the most wonderful music of vocational education.

Yao Guang: Students are the most beautiful notes of folk music inheritance

Students are the most beautiful notes of folk music inheritance

"Being a teacher must have time accumulation, constantly update one's knowledge, and grow together with the times and with the students. This is really a very sacred and noble profession, which transcends all utility and reality." said Mr. Yao Guang .

In 2007, Yao Guang worked at Hunan Art Vocational College. "It was the first time I met the students. I had a tender face, and many children had unconfident eyes in their eyes." During that time, Yao Guang kept thinking, "What can I do for them?"

"In the past, the campus life was monotonous, the relationship between teachers and students was more serious, and the students were afraid to ask questions. But now it is different. 9 years of working as a class teacher have taught me how to communicate with the children. We often discuss playing skills together. "Yao Guang believes, "Music can make children have a fuller heart, and also help children open their hearts, actively express themselves, and build confidence. Immerse in the world of music, they are more likely to feel love and pass on love."

Wherever he goes, Teacher Yao takes his bamboo flute with him. After class in summer, I often see him practising professional tunes in the piano room over and over under the sweltering heat. When he sees students practicing, he often goes over to play with them, and humorously points out the problems of the students' tunes; During the rehearsal break in the cold winter, he could always be seen practicing the piano in the background despite the severe cold. As a teacher, in the case of teaching and educating people, he is also constantly insisting on improving himself. Inadvertently he is also infecting his students.

Yao Guang: Students are the most beautiful notes of folk music inheritance

Yao Guang has long paid attention to the importance of aesthetic education in vocational education. "From external aesthetics to the cultivation of spiritual aesthetics, aesthetic education is an indispensable part of the entire vocational education." He believes that performance is first of all aesthetics, feeling the content of the work, grasping the style, the direction of the melody, and the lines. To experience it carefully. Students improve their professional aesthetic ability by learning bamboo flute, and understand the formal beauty of different styles of bamboo flute. Yao Guang said: "Music is abstract." Therefore, he supports students to maintain curiosity and exploration, and encourages children to be beautiful in their own way, so as to achieve beauty and harmony.

"I chose the bamboo flute at the beginning because its sound is crisp and beautiful, and I like it very much. But along the way, Mr. Yao taught me more about our responsibility and inheritance of folk music," said student Gong Yuxuan.

In his 15-year teaching career, as a "double-qualified" teacher, Yao Guang has been invited to participate in many large-scale activities, from representing the Hunan Youth Art Troupe to Greece to participate in the national tour of the International Folk Art Festival, to representing the Xinghai Conservatory of Music to performing arts in Hong Kong. The college conducts academic exchanges on Cantonese music; from participating in the "Queensland" art festival performance in Australia, to the cultural exchange performance of the "Happy Spring Festival" sent by the Chinese Ministry of Culture to Tunisia... He has been using folk music to tell China's stories well, these Nodes also affect Yao Guang's creative ideas and enrich his teaching practice. Yao Guang said: "This is a very good virtuous circle. Every time I receive some large-scale performance tasks from the state or society, go out to practice for a period of time and then return to the campus, which can bring new knowledge to the students, which can make my Classes are more fulfilling.”

"No effort, no gain." Yao Guang believes that on the road of his ideal, he must use his brains, think constantly, pursue unremittingly, and be diligent in his limbs. "A book is read a hundred times, and its meaning manifests itself." This is the case.

Bamboo flute ensemble opens up new ideas for vocational education in folk music

The creation of bamboo flute ensemble works is based on Chinese culture, explores new ideas for the development of bamboo flute art, and innovates a new vision for the development of bamboo flute music. In the fifteen years of vocational teaching practice, Yao Guang has made great efforts to combine traditional music with innovation, and has created more than ten bamboo flute ensembles, which reflect the distinctive national characteristics and enhance the performance of bamboo flute music. It has injected fresh blood into vocational education in the new era.

"National musical instruments are treasures passed down by the Chinese nation for thousands of years. You are not only a musical instrument, but also the voice of a nation. You are the most beautiful notes of folk music inheritance, so you must play with your heart and affection. It." In the weekly ensemble, when there were issues such as the mood and melody flow of the music during the rehearsal, Yao Guang began to ask questions with the students, leading from one question to another, and then to more Many questions. The students thought and answered, and he clearly sorted them out. Under his influence, the students developed a good habit of taking notes. After rehearsing, students can clearly understand the key points.

"Playing, don't just memorize notation, but use your heart to understand the content and situation of the music, and to feel the conveyance of musical emotion in the conductor's gestures." This is what Yao Guang repeatedly mentioned in the classroom, to enjoy the beauty brought by music. , remember that "the performance of an instrument should be played for relaxation and enjoyment". The handling of every emotion, the ins and outs of each piece of music, how to deal with the inner emotion of the piece tirelessly, and how to relax the performance of the performance, these are the best moments for the professional students.

"Art teachers rooted in vocational education, class and creation are inseparable." Yao Guang firmly believes that any major must be innovative, and music creation is the premise of cultivating a musician's creative thinking. Creation and innovation may be a belief engraved in Yao Guang's bones. He is also working hard with his students to create more beautiful notes in folk music.

Yao Guang: Students are the most beautiful notes of folk music inheritance

Weaver of National Symphonic Melodies

From 2009 to 2022, Yao Guang led the Academy's Chinese Orchestra and excellent works such as "Dragon Rising and Tiger Leaping", "Hua Drum Acoustic Concert", "Dream of Lake Xiang", "Prosperous China", etc., on the "Cross-Strait Cultural Exchange Forum". ”, “Meixi Lake Poly Theater”, “Changsha Concert Hall”, “Hunan Concert Hall” and other stages, and performed many tours. From 2010 to 2012, Mr. Yao led the students to rehearse day and night, no matter the severe cold or summer, he worked tirelessly, and made his mark in major performances such as the "Elegant Art Enters Campus" Hunan college tour show, before and after. Toured more than 20 shows and was very popular. In the 2018 national symphony "Dream of Huxiang", Yao Guang is also the conductor and rehearsal teacher of the Huyi Chinese Orchestra. He always guides students humorously during rehearsal, learns in joy, and uses his emotions in conducting. to motivate the students. Yao Guang has created opportunities for many students to practice on stage, allowing them to enjoy the sense of gain brought by folk music, which has a process, memory and improvement for their professional learning.

"Only love can persevere." Yao Guang is the same with bamboo flute, music and teaching.

Do a good job in vocational education. Yao Guang believes that the widespread dissemination of ethnic music culture is inextricably linked with education. Only by "bringing in" can we "go out". Education is to start from the human being and to explain the soul of vocational education, and a teacher must What they do is to pass on their "virtue" and "art" to the next generation meticulously, so as to pass on the cultural genes flowing in the blood of the Chinese people, and finally merge into an indestructible force of cultural self-confidence.

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Involving musical instruments

Dizi (pinyin: dí zi), also known as the horizontal flute, is generally used as an important musical instrument to accompany opera.

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