A brief history of the development of the double-pipe dong flute

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The double-pipe Dong flute is a new variety of Dong people's breath-playing musical instruments. It was reformed from the Dong flute and is now used in professional art performance groups.

A brief history of the development of the double-pipe dong flute

In 1977, Zeng Duke of the Cultural and Art Troupe of the Political Department of the South China Sea Fleet and Lei Faxian of the Guangzhou Lingnan Wind Music Factory jointly studied and reformed the Dong flute, and successfully produced the double-pipe Dong flute. It is based on the folk traditional Dong flute. The pipe body is made of two reformed Dong flutes with the same tune, tied side by side. The left is the main pipe and the right is the auxiliary pipe. The hole is equipped with a key, and the key is closed when it is not pressed.

This kind of double-pipe Dong flute draws on the pronunciation structure of bamboo flute and general recorder, and appropriately adjusts the position of the Dong flute and the arrangement of the sound holes. The speed of air injection is accelerated, and the bamboo pieces of the whistle are changed to reed pieces, which significantly increases the volume, expands the sound range to two and a half octaves, and the sound is more distinctive than before.

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The double-pipe Dong flute (pinyin: shuāng guǎn dòng dí), a breath-breathing instrument of the Dong nationality, has been used in professional art performance groups.