How to play Yatoka

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Yatoga is an ancient musical instrument in my country, popular in all parts of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Mongolian inhabited areas of Liaoning and Jilin provinces.

How to play Yatoka

When playing, most of the postures used are to sit cross-legged, place the qin in front of the legs, or place the head of the qin on one's right leg in an inclined state, or place the qin on a wooden frame or a high platform. above.

The thumb, index finger and middle finger of the right hand wear bone-made nails to pluck the strings, and the index finger and middle finger of the left hand are the main ones, supplemented by the thumb and ring finger.

The right hand has fingerings such as support, split, hook, pick, wipe, buckle, wheel, even support, continuous wipe, double pick, double buckle and so on. The left-hand pressing method has skills such as empty, solid, empty, slippery, rubbing, shaking, wiping, and spotting.

The index finger of the left hand can also be played alternately with the right hand with a bone-made nail pick. Many pastoral areas do not wear bone-made fingernails to play.

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Yatoga (pinyin: yǎ tuō gá) is a Mongolian plucked stringed musical instrument, also known as zheng, and the Han people call it Mongolian zheng. There are differences in the use of Yatoka by all classes of the Mongolian people. The army mostly uses the 14-string Yatoka for military activities such as expeditions, battles and triumphs; the palace and the palace often use the thirteen-string Yatoka to welcome guests. In ceremonial activities such as banquets, banquets, and delivery; Lama monasteries and folk use the twelve-string Yatoka for religious and festive activities such as sacrifice, chanting, and folk grand gatherings (Naadam).

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Yatoga is one of the ancient musical instruments in our country. Its shape is exactly the same as that of the guzheng, but it also has its own uniqueness.
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